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Are you looking for a new home AC service Katy? If so, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of units available. It can be hard to figure out which one is perfect for you and your family. Purchasing a new AC unit is a big investment, so you should take your time when making this decision.

Homeowners can ask their local A/C repair company in Katy for advice. Service technicians can discuss the types of units available to you. They can also guide you through a series of questions. These responses to those questions may rule out certain units or may help you focus on the perfect one. Take a look at the questions below and consult with your local A/C company today.

Residents looking for air conditioning services in Katy can contact Houston Admiral. Houston Admiral specializes in sales as well as repairs. When you replace your existing A/C service with one from Houston Admiral, you can trust it to work. Houston Admiral has trained and certified technicians on call who can help you pick out the perfect unit for your home.

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Your Katy A/C Repair Technician May Ask About the Size of Your Home

When you consult with a Katy A/C repair technician, they may ask about the size of your home. The type of A/C unit you purchase depends on the size of the space you need to keep cool. For example, a smaller unit would likely overheat trying to keep a large home cool. Instead, the technician can guide you to a more economical and appropriately sized unit.

It is a good idea to have some information jotted down before you begin researching new A/C units. This information should include the size of your home, recorded in a few different ways. You should have the square footage readily available.

In addition, it may be helpful to know how many levels the home has. The number of rooms is another figure that is important. Having all of this information recorded in front of you reduces the risk of making an unintentional error.

If you are looking for A/C units that can cool homes of all sizes, contact Houston Admiral. You can reach qualified and certified technicians who are ready to install your new unit today. Contact the sales department by calling 281-706-8691. You can speak with a technician to find out more about the type of unit that is best for you. Interested customers can view their full range of products and services online.

A Katy 24-Hour A/C Repair Technician May Ask About Your Sensitivity to the Heat

A Katy 24-hour A/C repair technician may ask about your sensitivity to the heat. Certain individuals react poorly to the heat. The elderly, children, and some pets are particularly sensitive to changes in climate. As a result, it is crucial that you have a reliable A/C unit in your home. When you speak with technicians about your needs, they should ask about your health and comfort. If not, make sure you bring this up to guarantee you get the unit you need.

It is also a good idea to purchase your unit from a company that also offers service. Finding reliable A/C service can be difficult. You want to be sure that the technicians you find are familiar with your unit and your needs. When you use the same place for replacement as repair, you can be sure they have this knowledge.

Houston Admiral is happy to offer a variety of services to Katy residents, including repair and replacement. Their sales staff and technicians can help you narrow down your choices. Contact them by calling 281-706-8691 and booking a free service call today.

Houston Admiral is the only HVAC company in the area that offers warranties to all customers. You can trust them to stand behind products sold and parts repaired. Learn more by visiting their 13121 Louetta Road location today.

Katy-based Air Conditioning Service Representatives May Ask How Often You Are Home

Home AC Service Katy

Energy experts recommend warmer thermostat settings than most Texas homeowners prefer

Katy-based air conditioning service representatives may also ask about how often you are home. For example, some people travel often during the summer. They would not need a unit as powerful as a family that spends the season at home.

This information can help you save money on a unit at the time of purchase. Over time, it can also help you save big on your energy bills. Ensuring that the unit you run is suitable for your family’s lifestyle is a great way to cut down on wasted energy.

Before you buy a new unit, you should also review old energy bills with the sales representative or technician. If you feel you were spending too much money in prior years, it is worth asking about more efficient units. There may also be a servicing package you can purchase, which ensures your machine stays fully tuned.

Homeowners in Katy can contact Houston Admiral to learn more about their air conditioning products. You can reach friendly sales staff and technicians. Each one of their technicians is fully certified and knowledgeable in HVAC repair. They can help you find the perfect unit for your lifestyle.

Common Questions about HVAC Unit Care and Services:

How do I locate the best HVAC company?

Looking for a reputable home AC service Katy does not need to be difficult. It is a good idea to look for one that offers multiple services. This way you can be sure they are offering you unbias advice. You should also search for a company with qualified and certified technicians.

How to decide whether you should repair or replace your AC unit?

Deciding whether or not your HVAC unit needs to be repaired or replaced is a matter of keeping an eye out for a number of issues. For instance, if your unit is experiencing any of the following problems, it is best to get an inspection immediately:

  • Poor airflow
  • Clicking off of the unit
  • Inadequate cooling

While it is possible to DIY repairs on some of these issues, hiring a certified technician is a better idea. In fact, doing repairs yourself could void any warranty you may have on the unit. As a result, consider hiring a certified and licensed HVAC mechanic to do the job.

A technician will know what to look for during an inspection. They will be able to offer advice on which repairs need to be done. Furthermore, they should offer a recommendation as to whether those repairs are a short-term fix. If they are, you might want to consider the more economical alternative of purchasing a completely new unit.

AC repairs can cost hundreds of dollars, and if they are only temporary solutions, you should give Houston Admiral a call and ask about our convenient, fast, and affordable financing options. We understand that new units can cost thousands of dollars and most families cannot afford that unexpectedly. This is why we strive to make our financing options affordable to individuals of all income ranges.

Is it necessary to get routine maintenance on your HVAC unit?

Getting a regular inspection on your HVAC unit is essential to keeping it in good working order and preventing the need for costly repairs. A unit that is operating below maximum efficiency is going to increase your electricity bill because it is working harder and slower than it should be. Moreover, neglecting the maintenance of your unit will almost always result in costly repairs.

You can take steps to prevent unnecessary costs by having a certified and licensed technician inspect and evaluate the condition of your unit at least twice per year. Most repair mechanics will recommend servicing before the start of Summer, and against before Winter arrives. It is better to spend $150-200 every six months than hundreds of dollars on a more frequent basis due to lack of regular inspection.

Home AC Service Katy

Home AC Service Katy

How to change the air filter in my HVAC system?

Replacing the air filter on your HVAC unit is an easy task. Additionally, it is one of the quickest and simplest preventative measures you can take to make sure your indoor air quality is top-notch. If you decide to change the filter yourself, the first step is to take a look at the old one. There will be a parts number on the side of the filter that indicates what type and size you need.

Once you have a new filter, installing it is simply a matter of taking out the old and putting in the new. The compartment where the air filter resides can be accessed by opening the door on your unit. Most units will have an easy lift door panel that allows you to slide the old filter out and the new one in. Most filters are located in the main unit.

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