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Are you wondering if you should hire Katy TX AC repair or replace your unit altogether? This is never an easy decision to make. Replacing a unit can be quite costly. Most appliances can be repaired multiple times, prolonging lifespans. However, these costs can quickly add up, especially if you have an older unit. Determining where the line is between repair and replacement can be difficult.

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Ac Repairs Katy Texas

Before you make your decision, hire professionals for A/C repair in Houston or Katy. Technicians can come out and examine your unit, providing you with a repair quote. Make sure you look for a company that offers sales as well as service. It is important to know that the opinion provided is not biased.

You can then use this information to figure out if it makes more sense to replace or repair your unit. In general, there are three signs that replacement is warranted. The age of your unit, the cost of repairs, and the amount of your energy bill.

If you are looking for Katy TX AC Repair Company, contact Houston Admiral today. Technicians for Houston Admiral serve the entire Houston area, including Katy. They are highly qualified, and familiar with almost all makes and models of AC units.

Houston Admiral sells new units as well as repairs and services old ones. As a result, you can trust their opinion to be accurate and not based on a desire for additional sales. You can arrange a free service call by contacting their office staff at 281-706-8691. New and returning customers can also learn more about the services Houston Admiral offers by visiting https://goadmiral.com.

Frequently Asked Questions about AC Repair Services:

How to change the air filter in your HVAC system?

Changing the air filter on your HVAC system is an easy DIY project that most homeowners will do themselves. Furthermore, it’s one of the easiest and fastest steps you can take to keep your home’s indoor air quality at the best level. The first step to replacing your air filter is to locate your main HVAC unit.

HVAC systems are designed to draw air in from outside, run it through a filter, then pass it into your home. As a result, you simply have to follow the main ductwork in order to locate your unit. Most units have an easy lift door where you will remove the old filter and install the new one. Keep the old filter and write down the part number and size before tossing it.

After you have purchased a new filter, install it through the easy lift door. Always turn off the unit prior to replacing the air filter. Some commercial units will have a more complex process to changing the filter. If this is your situation, be sure to give the professional technicians at Houston Admiral a call.

Is it necessary to get regular inspections on your HVAC unit?

Absolutely! Regular inspections of your HVAC unit will make a world of difference in its longevity and efficiency. If your unit is operating below maximum efficiency, it will begin to slow down and work harder. As a result, you will almost always see a steep increase in your electricity bill. You can prevent the need for costly repairs by scheduling a maintenance inspection with one of Houston Admirals licensed technicians.

How to decide if your AC unit needs repairs or replacement?

Deciding if your unit needs to be repaired or replaced is a matter of paying attention to how it is functioning. If the unit is displaying any of the following issues, then it is time to schedule an inspection:

  • Poor airflow
  • Clicking off of the unit
  • Inadequate cooling

The above issues could indicate the need for a simple repair, or they could point to a deeper problem. The best way to gauge whether you need to repair or replace your system is to hire a licensed technician. During a routine inspection, your technician will know what to look for and how to determine which issues are pressing and which can wait.

At the same time, it is important to realize that some repairs are just short-term fixes. In fact, it might be more practical to purchase a new unit altogether rather than continuously spending hundreds of dollars on a failing unit. Houston Admiral has affordable financing options available for you. Give us a call today to purchase your new HVAC unit!

Do Not Invest in A/C Repair in Katy if the Unit is Older than 15 Years

Most experts advise against investing in A/C repair in Katy if your unit is older than 15 years. According to the National Association of Home Builders, AC units have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. After this point, repairs can become quite costly. Parts are harder to find and technicians need to spend more time on the repair. Units 15 years of age and older also break down more often. As a result, you may spend more on repeated repairs than you would if you replaced the unit.

Keep in mind that older units also use an older type of refrigerant than newer models. The new type of refrigerant is easier and cheaper to find, and better for the environment. Older refrigerants can be hard to find and expensive to replace. Make sure you factor in this cost when thinking about repairing versus replacing your unit.

If you have questions or concerns about the age of your unit, you can contact Houston Admiral to learn more. New and returning customers can reach them by calling 281-706-8691. You can also visit them at 24275 Katy Freeway, Suite 400-4011, Katy, TX 77494, or online at https://goadmiral.com.

Katy TX AC Repair

Katy TX AC Repair

Examine the Houston-based A/C Repair Costs Before Making Your Decision

Before making your decision, examine the Houston-based A/C repair cost estimate. Keep in mind that new AC units can range in price, depending on size, make, and model. When you hire a service company to give you a repair quote, ask about replacement costs too. Having both figures can help you make a precise decision.

There is a specific formula you can use to help you decide if you should repair or replace it. Multiply the repair quote by the age of your unit. If the amount is less than the cost of a new unit, it is a good idea to invest in a repair. However, if the final amount is greater than the cost of a new unit, you should replace it. If you shop around, you may find a new unit that is covered by a limited warranty. This can save you even more money.

New and returning customers can request repair and replacement quotes from Houston Admiral. Contact us at 281-706-8691 to arrange for your service call today. You can also learn more about their wide range of services by visiting them at https://goadmiral.com.

Compare Your Energy Bills Before Deciding to Invest in Katy AC Repair

Examine your energy bills before deciding to invest in Katy AC repair. In particular, compare current expenses to the same time in prior years. If you notice that your costs have increased, your AC unit may be to blame. Older units tend to drain energy, resulting in high energy bills. If your local energy company has not increased its rates, it might be time to replace your unit. Even if you have not had any significant repair issues, the costs of running the unit may surpass replacing it.

Replacing an AC unit that is working might seem like a gamble, even if it saves you money on your bills. If you are still uncertain, speak with your local repair company. Technicians can sometimes give you an idea of what you can expect from repairs going forward. Homeowners in the Katy area can contact Houston Admiral for these services. You can reach office staff by calling 281-706-8691. Customers can also find Houston Admiral online at https://goadmiral.com.

Hiring the Best Katy TX AC Repair

Katy TX AC Repair

Houston Admiral has you covered when it comes to Katy TX AC Repair!

When looking for the best A/C Repair in Katy, Texas, keep a few things in mind. It is important to find a company that offers repair and replacement services. This way you can be sure they are offering an unbias opinion.

It can also help you cut down on costs in the future. Having the same company service a machine it also installed means the technicians are familiar with it. In turn, this leads to faster repairs as parts are already in stock and do not need to be ordered.

Homeowners in Katy can contact Houston Admiral for all their AC needs. Houston Admiral is proud to offer repair and installation services. Technicians are available to visit homes and businesses across the area, including Katy and Katy.

You can contact office staff by calling 281-706-8691 or come to visit us. Customers can learn more about the wide range of services. If you are looking for the best Katy TX AC repair, contact Houston Admiral today.

About Katy:

  • Katy is a charming community located northwest of Downtown Houston
  • The area is home to multiple public and private schools, as well as the Lone Star College-CyFair campus
  • Golf addicts can play around on one of the area’s nine courses
  • Visit the community of Katy online at https://www.harriscountytx.gov/