Magnolia AC Repair Near Me

Have you been looking for a Magnolia AC repair near me? Houston Admiral has just what you’re looking for. Our team of technicians is ready to help you with whatever services that you may need.

The background of each member is filled with certifications and long lists of prior experience working in the AC industry. They are ready to help with any problem you might have.

An air conditioner is a complex unit that uses both electrical and mechanical parts to interact with water and air. The result is a cooling or heating process that regulates the temperature in the home or building.

That’s what happens on the surface at least. What’s going on underneath is a little more intricate and if things go wrong, then it can get quite problematic, indeed. However, our technicians are fully capable of taking care of it. They’re professionals, after all.

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Repair Services

  • Debris or Damage to Condenser Coils

    • The technician is essentially going to clear your coils from any dirt or debris that has been built up over time. Next, the goal is to straighten out all of the fins on the coil so there is smooth filtration. Finally, your technician will clean the coils with a specific cleaner. After the cleaner is washed out, your coils will be ready for use!
  • Flushing the Drain And Removing Clogs

    • The danger of Algae or mold growth should not be overlooked. It can cause negative effects such as bad odors that can infiltrate your home. It can be dangerous and unpleasant because you could contract diseases through improper air and that is a serious issue. That’s why a technician helps you by clearing it during repairs. Flushing the drain has huge benefits. The condensate drip from your drain provides a lot of uses. It continuously removes water from the system and maintains flow controllability. Blockages are prone to accumulate though so having a technician clear out the debris built up over time can cost-effective.
  • Damaged Or Faulty Electrical Parts

    • When there is an issue with your Electric parts, Usually, you will have some difficulty keeping your home cool. This is because the majority of AC units consist of electrical components. In this case, they may be damaged or faulty. Your technician is trained to identify and help you replace what part is malfunctioning. So if you don’t have cool air from the air conditioner like you want it, that’s probably due to your electric components acting up. This can be a big issue but don’t worry, your technician will be able to fix it!
  • Adding Freon

    • Sometimes, something other than electricity can cause cool air to fail. That’s when your refrigerants may need to be checked. Low cold fluids mean you can’t cool the hot air. It helps to raise humidity because the temperature of the water can not fall. The fluid itself is dangerous and in some cases may be harmful, so you definitely want to see it looked after by our technicians. The coolant is one of the problems you might have to deal with. A lack of freon is another way of preventing your cold air from spreading. This is a coolant used when you want to keep the air cool.

Background Checked & NATE Certified

We make it a mandatory step to ensure that all of our staff is certified and cleared for duty. This means they have been thoroughly background checked and drug tested to ensure they are safe to enter the homes of our clients.

Furthermore, we force all of our technicians to be NATE certified as well. That is one of the most popular certifications in our industry and globally recognizes competency. This means your technician has all of the abilities and skills to work on your HVAC unit. Additionally, they can give you all of the advice, insight, and tips necessary to run your model, too.

This is a great way of ensuring high quality and making sure that you are given the best service possible on any given day. We want to ensure that our customers are being spoiled and it really makes a difference in the longevity of your units, the efficiency and the financial return they provide.

Service Agreements Available

We also have the option for setting up a service agreement with us as well. This means that you will be setting up a year-long maintenance schedule. Essentially, we will be sending our technicians out to your location periodically to inspect your unit and confirm that it is running at it’s optimum performance levels. If there are any issues, we are allowed to make 2 repairs per year and also provide tune-ups if necessary.

That is a part of the preventative maintenance Magnolia AC Services that will come with the agreement. There have been studies that show this measure can actually avoid 80% of the repairs that an AC unit may require.

Through that, you will be saving a huge amount of money just by ensuring maintenance. However, this service can also increase the lifetime of your unit which will also help to save because of the degradation over time that we will be averting.

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As you can see, we are able to offer Magnolia AC repair near me at an incredibly high level of quality. You will be treated as a family member when it comes to Houston Admiral customer service.

We make sure that our clients want for nothing, and if you so desire, you won’t even have to touch the unit. Our technicians will happily come to your location and do maintenance work year-round — that a benefit of one of our service agreements we mentioned.

You’ll be astonished at the amount of money we might be able to save you with these options. Air conditioning is always going to be charging you, but if it’s done right, it’ll be cheap and you’ll barely notice that missing change. Let Houston Admiral help with your AC unit today!

If you want to get in touch, you can reach us at (281) 876-9400. Otherwise, simply visit our website. We hope to work with you soon!


  •  Take a walk along “The Stroll,” Magnolia’s half-mile park and trail in the city center.
  •  Magnolia, TX is the official host of the state’s Renaissance Festival.
  • The city is named after the magnolia trees that grew there.
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