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Houston Admiral is one of the best AC unit vendors in the Houston area and now offers HVAC inspection and repair services in the Magnolia area. Our equipment is state of the art and our technicians go above and beyond the requirements for security and quality.

The staff at Houston Admiral all have the proper certifications and experience needed to provide HVAC inspection and repair. We are proud of the efficiency of our staff, products, and services that we offer. Hundreds of homes in the Houston area have received our services for fresh and cool air and we hope to continue increasing that number.
Our certified technicians are here to help you with all your air conditioner needs, making sure that your home is properly cooled and heated.

Best AC Inspections Magnolia

Our certified technicians can work on your air conditioner to make sure it is heating and cooling your home properly!

Services We Provide

Houston Admiral offers solutions to all your Magnolia HVAC needs. We proudly showcase all of our wonderful features, listed are some of the options that we offer. If you need any information on our services, contact us.


Our technicians provide top of the line service, ensuring that your repairs are taken care of in an effective and efficient manner. Houston Admiral can help clean our drains, repair your condenser coils and refill refrigerant fluids. We can also change out or fix any malfunctioning parts and change out your air filter to ensure that your unit is working properly.

Magnolia HVAC Companies

Call us for HVAC repairs in Magnolia and we will help lower your energy bills with AC maintenance.


Houston Admiral can help diagnose why your unit has broken down or is not functioning properly. Our trained technicians can tell you how and why you are experiencing a specific issue. After the run a diagnostic test on your unit, they will determine what is creating the problem and help you determine the best game plan to fix it. Often times, people experience AC issues and fail to get an inspection because the machine is still working. However, these small problems can grow quickly and turn into much more serious, and expensive, problems.

Longterm Service

We offer lifetime service for your unit. Along with the warranty that is included with the unit, we also offer long term maintenance and other aspects that will ensure the value and strength of the unit, saving you a ton of money.

Official HVAC vendor

Houston Admiral has access to some of the best brands in the world and makes them available to you. We are a registered and valid Magnolia AC unit vendor of all RUUD and Carrier products. Our goal is that you get the best service from us and that when it is time to replace your unit the product you receive is top of the line. Contact a customer service representative to learn more about the options available to you!

Background Checked & NATE Certified

All our HVAC inspection and repair staff has gone through a series of prerequisites that include drug test and background checks. We ensure that all our workers are qualified and can be trusted to enter your homes. Our background checks go back 5 years and can be pulled from further if needed.

All our technicians must maintain a mandatory NATE certification. The NATE certification is one of the most popular and world-renowned certificates for the industry and guarantees that the holder is best at what they do. We want to make sure that we maintain a level of quality that is above the rest and, with a NATE certified technician, we can guarantee that your AC unit will be repaired effectively and efficiently.

AC repairs for Magnolia

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Service Agreements

An additional service that we provide is our service agreement, a year-long subscription to all our repair and maintenance measures. This subscription includes year-round inspections and will perform tune-ups and repairs that help your unit run longer and more effectively.

This is a very cost-efficient option for customers because it will save you on your energy and repair bills. 80% of the repairs your unit needs could have been avoided with preventative maintenance. Regular maintenance also prevents the rate of degradation which will save you money from energy savings.

Contact Houston Admiral!

For your best option for Magnolia AC Unit Vendor, call Houston Admiral. We will be happy to serve your home with the best air-conditioning treatment. Our competent technicians will be able to help you with whatever you need with the best brands. We also offer Magnolia Air Conditioner Cleaning to keep your unit lasting longer.

Our services can help you with your air conditioning functions through any season, without you having to do any work at all. We do the work and keep an eye on your AC so that you can keep reaping the benefits. Call us today to set up an appointment at 281-876-9400, or visit our website to find out more. Our Houston Admiral team hopes to hear from you soon.

About Magnolia

  • Magnolia, TX is the official host of the state’s Renaissance Festival.
  • A short drive from Houston, Magnolia is ready for expansion with the arrival of the SH 249 Toll Way. Major corporations like ExxonMobil are moving into the area as well.
  • Magnolia nationally ranks as 7th in growth among U.S. counties.
  • To learn more about Magnolia, visit this link.