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When you get a Magnolia Trane AC unit, did you know you’d be getting all the hard work and research that went into building it? If you don’t know much about the company Trane, you should at least know that they go above and beyond with their products.

Each one will undergo thousands of hours of testing that ensure their performance, not just in regular situations but in all possible conditions known to man.

We will explain all of the ways that Trane develops its AC units, but we will also showcase how this product is in line with our services too. With Houston Admiral, you are going to be able to purchase an AC and also get the service to go along with it.

This is not a common practice, as most companies will give you one or the other. However, we strive to stand apart from our competitors and want the most for our clients.

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Trane Tests Their AC Units For All Weather Conditions!

One of the most interesting things about Trane AC units is the incredible amount of bizarre tests they undergo. You will be very shocked to hear that at least 2,600 hours of testing are given to each of the units.

During this period of time, they will look through each area and examine it during different weather conditions.

The goal is to create models that can provide superior performance under all circumstances. On average, just one of the AC units is tested for approx. 16 weeks. They spend 16 weeks on one product just to make sure it is ready for all elements. These units are given the harshes degree of treatment just to see if they survive.

So, this means they’re going to get mud, rain and even flood waters threw at them. However, the most interesting part of the test is that the AC unit will get frozen solid! You read that right. For one of the tests simulating winter seasons, Trane covers the whole AC unit in ice and snow.

This shows that even under difficult circumstances, Trane ACs will still operate smoothly. Isn’t that just an incredible feat in and of itself?

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What Is The SEER Rating?

When it comes to AC units, the most dependable way to tell if you will be getting an eco-efficient unit is by the SEER rating. All HVAC units are required to have one of these ratings.

It is going to go from 0-22 and showcase the worst of the worst in terms of energy efficiency and the best of the best.

You will be able to tell through the power consumption and the money saved whether your machine is running for you or against you. If it is lower than 18, you will probably not be getting as good of savings as you had hoped. However, even an AC rated 18 will provide you with at least 70% in energy savings.

While this is an incredibly economic result and actually reduces what you are paying, it is not the best savings you can make. However, Trane can offer you the best. They will be rated SEER 22 in their top-line unit. This is the highest score you can get. Another reason Trane is superb beyond his fellows.

Trane Also Offers Quieter Air Conditioners, too!

When you think about the noise levels of your AC, you can rest assured that Trane will make AC units with levels below any competition in the market. Each air conditioning unit is actually sent to the Hemi Anechoic’s acoustic chamber, where sound levels are thoroughly tested in the country.

They have tested and designed sound shields before they are added to the compressor. The whole unit is then tested to achieve the results. In the end, Trane created a unit with a noise of only 54 decibels. This is a total of 4 decibels lower than all products currently available on the market. Trane truly is an astonishing company!

They Were Named ‘Most Reliable In America’

Simply put, Trane is the best you can do in America. They were one of the most consistent entering the HVAC industry ever. The accomplishments with your air conditioners are incredible. They are indeed so exceptional that over the years, they have received many awards.

One was awarded by Lifestory Research to Trane, claiming them to be “the most reliable AC in America.” This just goes to show that you have an excellent record and that you have equipment on which you can truly rely. However, only to give you some perspective, they won this prize five years in a row.

We Have Service Agreements Available To Provide Full Care

Please note that we also provide your unit with the potential for service agreements. This entails all of the services that might be needed after installation. We can perform the installation, of course; however, after the fact, we would not be involved.

That is unless we had a service agreement, in which case we would provide preventive maintenance, repairing, and adjustment work for 1 or more years.

That includes any necessary inspections and tune-ups. We have done studies on the preventive maintenance we provide our customers, and we have found that it can avoid up to 80% of all repairs that might be needed. Imagine the savings after just a year! You may not even have to touch your unit and still save money.

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