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Come and get a Magnolia air conditioner cleaning from Houston Admiral! We are going to be able to provide you with the most professional service possible. With a highly trained and experienced team, our crew will not miss a step. They will go into the inner machinations of your AC and clean thoroughly.

This is where we will separate ourselves from some of the DIY tips on cleaning because we have the skills and certifications to actually go take apart your unit if need be. We are also one of the best Magnolia Air Conditioner Repair Company in Houston.

Parts That Need The Most Cleaning


When you are using your air conditioner, you’ll find that the coils are going to be used very often. They will be major components in almost 100% of your conditioner’s functionality. The evaporator coils are one of the main sources of heat that will keep the water humidity levels regulated. If there is dirt building up over these parts, you begin to find that their function will start to deteriorate more and more over time.

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This is a natural occurrence because the unit will be collecting dirt as a part of its job anyways. This is why getting a cleaning is actually going to be a mandatory part of your unit.

You will have to undergo maintenance and cleaning routines about once or twice a year, depending on what your unit may go through.

When it comes to the evaporator coil, the build-up of dirt or debris will actually cause the coils not to absorb heat as well. Thus, they cannot perform their job to maximum efficiency. The more dirt that builds up, the more it insulates the coil, and the longer it takes to gather heat. This means that your unit will have to be working for much longer and much harder to achieve the same simple tasks that were normally not a problem.

You can see your electric bills pile up when things like this occur, and the worst part is that it could all be avoided by a simple cleaning from one of our technicians. This is why we are writing this article because we want to keep our clients aware of many of the details about their AC units that aren’t readily available.

Condensate Drains

Another area that needs serious oversight is the condensate drain. This is because that drain is receiving a lot of fluid running through it on a frequent basis. As long as the unit is on, you will be using the drain. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep the drain clear and free of clogs.

When this doesn’t occur, a clog will reduce the channels that the fluids can pass through, and you will be stuck with mold or algae build-up that can cause all sorts of problems. Not only will it increase the number of odors that could potentially arise, but it will also cause the potential for airborne pathogens to spread, too.

Furthermore, a clogged condensate drain can also cause a blockage that won’t allow the unit to continue regulating the humidity levels. Eventually, you will find that your home is continuously more and more humid. Eventually, you might even be left with very bad stains on the walls or carpets near the unit because of all the dirty moisture that is leaking out.

We recommend that you get this cleaned every 1 to 2 times a year. Our technicians will be happy to come by and clear the clog for you. Usually, this will just take a simple drain clearing wire, but you’ll want one of our experts to inspect your unit and make sure that there were not any collateral damages taken.

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Make Sure To Replace Your Air Conditioner Filters

In regards to keeping your unit in great condition, the filters are, above all, the most important part of the unit to keep clean. This is for a number of reasons.

Air quality and temperature control will be the most notable, but also if the filter is clogged, it will also cause issues for other parts in the unit as well.

For example, when the filter is full and unable to take on any more dirt, there will be a bypass effect that sends the dirt into other areas of the unit. One of the main locations that the dirt will end up at is the evaporator coils.

As we mentioned above, this is a very troublesome result. It can cause consequences that will be costly if they are not taken care of.

Yet that’s if it is left unclean for a long time; before that, you will lose air quality and temperature control much earlier. In fact, if your unit isn’t clean, you can see a 5-15% rise in energy consumption right from that.

This is due to the obstruction of airflow that doesn’t allow the machine to function as efficiently as before. It’s going to increase the comfort levels of your home, and you will have more control over your home’s atmosphere.

The Location Of Your Unit Matters Too

Another thing you should look into is the placement of your AC units. Whether you have an outdoor or an indoor unit, the location is everything. If your outdoor unit is not in an open and breathable place, it will gather dirt and debris from the surrounding areas. The plants around it, the older tools, or whatever may be within its radius.

Make sure that the area around your outdoor unit is clean and managed well. Otherwise, you could see more dirt and debris building up faster than normal. Additionally, the same can be said for your indoor unit but more on the space between the window it is in.

If there are openings, it will reduce the amount of cool air getting into your home and also allow spaces for water to buildup. This can cause damage to the window sill and even cause rotting if left unchecked.

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When you are getting your Magnolia air conditioner cleaning services from Houston Admiral, you’ll be amazed by the results. It is one of the many maintenance services that we offer which will keep your system running like a dream.

We have worked with many clients who have had old or unused AC units that haven’t seen cleaning in a long time. After the cleaning, they constantly tell us how great it is to find their home HVAC systems are working so efficiently.

Not only will you get the satisfaction of knowing that your unit is clean and safe, but you will probably save money in the process. Let us know if you would like to get your cleaning; we will be happy to set an appointment up for you! You can call us at (281) 876-9400 or visit our website for all the information you might need. Let us clean your AC today!

Fun Facts about Magnolia, TX:

  • Magnolia, Texas, is located in southwest Montgomery County, nationally ranked as 7th in growth among U.S. counties.
  • Only 2 Private schools are located in Magnolia.
  • Take a walk along “The Stroll,” Magnolia’s half-mile park and trail in the city center.
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