Magnolia Air Conditioning Contractor

You need a Magnolia Air Conditioning Contractor but don’t know where to start? Good thing you found us! Houston Admiral is the Magnolia air conditioning contractor you need for all HVAC repairs and maintenance. Our technicians are certified and licensed and know how to take care of your air conditioner until its last day.

If you called Houston Admiral to work on your home air conditioner, you might not know that we also perform in-person repairs on commercial units. If you plan on starting a new business soon, let the same people who took care of your home take care of your business.

Magnolia Air Conditioning Contractor

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Magnolia Air Conditioning Contractor

Houston Admiral performs air conditioner service for residential and commercial units. We know the value of a comfortable living or meeting space and offer a wide range of solutions. Our services are reasonably and competitively priced.

Any company that can undercut us on cost can’t compare in terms of specialty and customer service. For homes and commercial property alike, Houston Admiral performs same-day service and even has emergency repair service 24/7.


Our technicians perform Magnolia Air Conditioning Repair, installation, and replacement for residential units. We work on standards as well as high-efficiency units, and you can call us if you’re interested in buying a high-efficiency unit for your home.

Additionally, we perform tune-ups, cooling and heating diagnostics, cleaning, pump repair, and more. And we don’t just service air conditioners! We also perform the same range of services on a variety of heaters and furnaces. We’ve worked with all HVAC brands and know-how to repair your unit!

In addition to repairing your unit, we can also make some minor adjustments to your home to save you the most money. For example, did you know that homeowners waste a lot of money on unnecessary energy costs due to poor insulation in their homes?

Insulation helps your home stay at the temperature you want it to be. If you notice that your air conditioner runs all day and night, even when you have it set to turn off at a certain temperature, you may have an insulation problem.


Using Houston Admiral as your air conditioning contractor is a smart business move. We’re unmatched in terms of quality, price, and availability. With round-the-clock service, your business won’t ever be disrupted by inconvenient breakdowns. With regular maintenance, you get more life and power out of your air conditioner, which saves money in several ways.

For one, the longer you can use the same air conditioner, the less your business spends overall on HVAC systems. Secondly, the more efficient your air conditioner, the less money it costs to power it. This saves you money every month! Thirdly, regular maintenance minimizes the need for repairs.

Our service contracts not only provide a regular schedule for maintenance. You also get a discount on commercial parts and replacement. Houston Admiral will be your HVAC service contractor for the entire time you’re in business.

Magnolia Air Conditioning Contractor

HVAC services for Magnolia TX

You Need A Magnolia Air Conditioning Contractor

The benefit of a nearby air conditioning contractor is the speed of service. Houston Admiral’s technicians can come to your location on the same day that you call us with the problem. You want to enlist the help of a contractor with the manpower to serve the needs of the community quickly.

In addition to arriving at your home or business quickly, we also work fast. Our technicians have been servicing AC units for several years and know the ins and outs of these complex systems. It won’t take us long to get to the root of the problem and offer you the best solution.

Why Your AC Needs Maintenance

A Magnolia air conditioning contractor can also help you maintain your air conditioner. Your AC accounts for nearly half of your energy costs each month. With routine maintenance, you save money on your monthly bills.

With every passing day, your air conditioner wears down, just like the brake shoes in your car. Eventually, the unit will need to be replaced. However, the air conditioners in most homes begin to fail long before they should due to improper maintenance.

Furthermore, you can maximize energy-saving each month with regular maintenance. Even before the unit shuts down completely, the wear on the parts causes the machine to run less efficiently. A less-efficient unit uses more power to achieve the same level of results.

With tune-ups twice yearly, your air conditioner can remain at maximum efficiency for its age. You won’t give extra money away to your energy company each month. Furthermore, a well-maintained unit costs less to repair, which saves you even more money.

Houston Admiral’s technicians can keep your air conditioner in top shape with seasonal maintenance or a maintenance contract. Protect the life of your new air conditioner or prolong the life of your older one with our maintenance plans. In addition to regular maintenance, you’ll get special discounts, and you’ll always know about the actual state of your AC.

We know how to perform specialized air conditioner maintenance for units in the Magnolia area because our technicians have lived and worked there for years. trust your air conditioning unit in the hands of technicians who know exactly what your unit needs.

Magnolia Air Conditioning Contractor

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Houston Admiral is a family business that has been fortunate enough to expand and serve the Houston area over the years. We service each air conditioner like it’s our own, and we know how to keep systems running. If you need a new unit or are building your home from the ground up, we can help with that, too.

We sell RUUD products in our store. You’ve probably seen a RUUD air conditioner before because they’re very common for homes and small commercial businesses. We want to support home- and business-owners through their entire HVAC journey, from their first installation to their last replacement. As long as you’re in the Houston area, we’re here to serve you. We love working in the Magnolia community, and we love to “spoil you with service.”

Call us any time you need assistance or a quote at (281) 876-9400 or speak with us online. We have everything you need to make your HVAC buying or repairing experience pleasant and economical. At Houston Admiral, we offer special deals often, and we have financing for air conditioner and heating systems purchases.

We provide so many benefits and services because we know how hard it is to find everything you need in one place, and we want to be your one-stop-shop for air conditioner service. We’re the best Magnolia Air Conditioning Contractor you’ll find!

Magnolia Fun Facts!

  • Magnolia is located in Montgomery County.
  • The city center is a popular recreation area.
  • Magnolia is expanding!
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