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Have you heard of the air-conditioning brand in Magnolia Carrier AC Units? These units have a long and rich history that you may not have ever known. Anyone who would consider themselves civilized would probably know or at least have access to air conditioning in this day and age.

AC units are a staple of modern society and have been the source of so much comfort that we rarely acknowledge its brilliance. How are we able to do so if they are always relaxing us and cooling our homes!

This is just the luxury that air conditioning has brought to us. However, wouldn’t you expect that the very first brand of AC units ever made would carry that same luxury? Well, you’re not wrong. The Carrier AC units are arguably the best in the world and have been for over 100 years. Let’s dive deeper and learn a little more about them, shall we?

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Willis Carrier And His Air Conditioner

Known as “The Father of Air Conditioning”, Willis Carrier has truly made an impact on the world with his invention. Born in Angola, New York in 1876, the young Willis Carrier earned an engineering degree around the turn of the century.

It was not until 1901 however when he would experience the spark that led him to discover air conditioning. He was on a foggy train platform in Pittsburgh as a thought occurred to him. He could pass air through water to control how much humidity there was in the air and how hot it might be.

At the time, this had never been thought of before. Houses and palaces alike lacked the indoor temperature regulation to maintain their homes properly. In fact, it was a hugely devastating symptom for long term sites or landmark locations that need the very temperamental humidity control that Willis theoretically claimed was possible.

After another year, Carrier had built his invention and was providing his amazing new creation to the world. People and businesses from all over the globe began to take interest in his work and before long, there was a Carrier AC unit sold to a new customer every day. Their success allowed them to claim the position as the most historical and highest-rated brand of AC units ever. This is why Houston Admiral is so happy to support them, and offer their brands on our product line.

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Features Of Carrier AC Units Today

Your AC may not carry all of the great services that a Carrier does. In fact, being as though they have some of the most revolutionary technology implemented into an AC today, you can expect there are a lot of options that a Carrier AC has that the average AC does not. If you are a fan of your old run down AC, we hope you won’t be offended but this isn’t going to be a pretty sight for your air conditioner.

To put it into perspective, the Infinity Series of Carrier AC units will have a SEER rating of 21. If you weren’t aware, a SEER rating is the ratio of the cooling output of an air conditioner over a typical cooling season, divided by the energy it consumed in Watt-Hours.

Usually, your brand will be around 15 to 17, however, with the highest score being 22 this is hardly a good ratio. Carrier AC units go above and beyond this. With a rating of 21/22, you are going to get the highest savings and cost-effective conditioning for your home. It will save you around 70% in energy conservation!

Incredible Functionality, Too

That’s just one aspect of the Carrier AC units. We haven’t even gotten to the functionality and it is already saving you more money just on energy conservation alone. This burgeoning detail is only a feature, after all. With a GreenSpeed intelligence system built-in you will have total access to your air and regulate it to your liking. Schedule out the perfect times, and decide the amount of humidity or temperature that you want the home to stay at. Your AC will do the rest.

Not only that but when you use a Carrier AC you will also have access to their muffled, soundproofed, the motor also. This means that you won’t have to partake in the extremely loud and irritating noise from the older models.

They would always make a huge and obnoxious roar when they got turned on that it felt more like mechanized chaos than a luxurious feature. This is yet another wonderful reason why Carrier AC units are amazing options and demonstrate why Houston Admiral is proud to offer them.

Houston Admiral Can Bring Your Magnolia Carrier AC To Your Doorstep!

Our team will be able to take your new Carrier AC unit right to your location and help you install it. We will also offer you the ability to have our services throughout the year. With a service agreement, you will allow us to come and provide inspections, repairs, and preventative maintenance.

This regularly saves our customers tons of money. This means that it not only provides you with the ability to use your AC handsfree, but it is actually going to pay for itself in the process. We can help avoid 80% of the Magnolia Central AC Repairs that might occur without preventative maintenance.

This alone will be cost-effective but the extension on the lifetime of the product that we can guarantee will also save users plenty of money, too. Just adding to the long list of reasons why Houston Admiral is right for you!

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Otherwise, you can simply give us a call for your own appointment or to let us know that you have an interest in the Carrier ACs. We are happy to help either way!


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