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Are you looking for Magnolia Heating and Air Conditioning Companies Near Me to perform routine maintenance on your air conditioner? Houston Admiral is who you should call!

Perhaps you haven’t heard of air conditioner maintenance before. You had no idea that your air conditioner needed regular tune-ups. Everything seems to be running just fine! However, you may have heard for a friend or maybe a previous HVAC technician that you should get maintenance on your air conditioner. However, you still might not be sure whether you need money. Of course, an air conditioner technician would tell you to spend more money! And your friend, well, maybe he’s got a sensitive air conditioner, but you’re sure yours will be just fine.

Nevertheless, the idea tugs at you. You know that air conditioners cost thousands of dollars, so might it be worth it to get regular tune-ups now and then? Now you’re here, trying to decide if you really need maintenance on your air conditioner.

Houston Admiral’s answer is yes. You need air conditioner maintenance. Below we’ll explain to you all the reasons why you should get your unit tuned up, how often a technician should perform maintenance, and how Houston Admiral can help you take care of your unit.

Magnolia Heating and Air Conditioning Companies Near Me

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Reasons You Need Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

Save Money

A well-maintained heating and air conditioning unit saved you money in more ways than one.

  1. Nearly all air conditioner repairs that we perform could have prevented with quality, professional maintenance. Most issues that arise with your air conditioner are a result of the issue being discovered too late. Additionally, maintenance makes sure the parts don’t wear down excessively due to sub-optimal placement or tightening. Skip the repairs with routine maintenance.
  2. Nearly 50% of your energy bill stems from your air conditioner. An older, poorly-maintained air conditioner requires much more power than a clean, tuned-up with. While maintenance may not cut your energy bill in half, you’ll notice a difference with regularly scheduled maintenance. You save money when your unit runs at its highest efficiency.
  3. Your unit lives longer. Air conditioners can last up to 15 years when they are adequately cared for. However, you’re lucky to get a decade of use out of your unit with improper maintenance. That means you end up replacing your air conditioner and paying up to $5000 dollars five years more frequently than a person with a maintained unit! Maintaining your unit for its entire life is less expensive than replacing the unit altogether.

Feel Better

Of course, when your unit works well, you’ll feel more comfortable on the outside. Gone will be the days you set the AC on max power, and your house still won’t get cool. However, a well-maintained air conditioner can also make you feel better on the inside. If you’re prone to allergies, you may have noticed flare-ups when you’re at home or during the night. That’s a sign that you need a filter change, at the very least. Failing to maintain your air conditioner properly can also increase the likelihood of spreading illnesses through the house because contaminated aren’t being filtered out properly. Furthermore, you may feel drained or groggy overall due to the poor air quality.

Magnolia Heating and Air Conditioning Companies Near Me

Magnolia Heating and Cooling Systems Repair

Magnolia Heating and Air Conditioning Companies Near Me That Perform Maintenance

Houston Admiral performs regular maintenance on heating and air conditioning systems at a competitive rate. We have three options when it comes to maintaining your air conditioner:


You can call us any day to perform maintenance on your unit. We commonly receive calls for maintenance once summer has ended and after winter has passed. Also, some families call us after extreme weather, such as hurricanes, to make sure everything is working well. There’s no set schedule besides when you remember or when you feel you can afford it. The up-side to this kind of maintenance schedule is that it’s extremely flexible.

However, that’s also a downside. If you forget to schedule maintenance, your unit may not function at its best. If you’ve never received maintenance on your unit before, you might like to schedule one as-needed appointment to try Houston Admiral out. We’ll also let you know if we see any glaring issues with your unit that will need to be taken care of soon. Depending on the nature of the problem, if any, it may be wiser to invest in a new air conditioner than pay to constantly service and repair a damaged unit.


The seasonal maintenance schedule is similar to the as-needed schedule in that you’ll have to call us whenever you want your unit serviced. However, with our seasonal service, we perform a few weather-specific procedures to make sure your unit made it through the past seasons and is ready for the next. This is the bare minimum maintenance plan that we suggest. You should have your unit serviced at least twice per year, usually after the more extreme seasons (summer, winter) has passed.

Service Contracts

Houston Admiral offers service contracts for both residential and commercial heating and cooling systems. We offer this service for systems we install as well as those we do not. Our service contract is the best maintenance deal we offer, especially if you have a mid-age or older unit that hasn’t been serviced in a while. In addition to performing maintenance twice per year, our service contracts provide you with discounts. You’ll pay a reduced price for needed repairs and equipment.

We consider this a great offer for poorly maintained units because it’s likely that you’ll need some Magnolia Heating And Air Conditioning Repair soon due to the lack of maintenance up to this point. Maintenance can stall the need for some repairs, but others are less likely to be avoided. However, with a service contract, you’ll pay less for repairs that your unit was going to need eventually anyway. Click here to learn more about our service contracts for your home or business.

Magnolia Heating and Air Conditioning Companies Near Me

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Contact Us For Your Next Tune-Up!

We hope that now you can see why it’s important that we perform maintenance on your heating and air conditioning unit. However, don’t run outside and start getting your hands dirty! Let a certified and licensed technician to handle the maintenance. Firstly, specific tools are required to properly service air conditioners. Secondly, improper handling of the unit can cause severe, expensive damage.

Houston Admiral’s NATE-certified technicians can help you keep your air conditioner in great shape. Call us at (281) 876-9400 to give your unit the special care it deserves or set up an appointment online if you have any questions. We’re only one call for service away when you need Magnolia Heating and Air Conditioning Companies Near Me to perform maintenance!

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