Magnolia Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Why might you need Magnolia Heating and Air Conditioning Service? Chances are, you aren’t sure. If you’ve experienced your very first air conditioner breakdown, you likely don’t have an idea what’s wrong. Depending on your background, you might know much about air conditioners at all.

For example, did you know that you should get your air conditioner serviced every six months, like your car? Did you know that air conditioners need to be replaced at least every 15 years?

Many people know the value of air conditioners but aren’t sure how they should properly care for them, much less how to repair them. That’s where Houston Admiral comes in! We person heating and air conditioning repairs and service for homes and commercial properties.

Magnolia heating and air conditioning service

The best services are available with our team!

We have been proudly serving Magnolia and Montgomery County for years and love making homes and businesses comfortable. Call us for any repairs you need for your air conditioner.

Don’t bother trying to tinker with the unit yourself. Unless you’re a specialized technician, it’s highly likely you’ll wind up needing even more costly repairs.

Houston Admiral’s certified technicians know how to handle all repairs for home and business units. You can call us any time to schedule an appointment for air conditioner service. If it’s time to replace your unit, we can help with that, too.

Why You Need Magnolia Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Houston Admiral’s heating and air conditioning services are the most comprehensive in the area. We provide over thirty different services for residential and commercial HVAC systems.


Houston Admiral’s technicians install air conditioning units, as well as furnaces and other heaters. We work with several different brands, including RUUD, Trane, Lennox, and Goodman. We can service any HVAC brand and know the ins and outs of each system. Our technicians also frequently work on high-efficiency units.

Outdoors or indoors, we can install your system. When it comes to furnaces, our technicians work on both gas and electric units. We can help you pick the best unit for your home, and we can install it!


With time, all air conditioner and furnace parts wear down. We offer a quick repair service to the great Houston area. In many instances, we can send a technician out to your home or business on the same day that you call us.

Furthermore, our emergency service operates 24/7 and offers around-the-clock service on all units. Call us at any time to speak with a real person who can provide you with assistance and direct technicians to your locations right away.


Insulating your home will save you money on energy costs. Without proper insulation, the air that comes from your air conditioner will fly right out of the room or house.

Thus, your unit will run non-stop, trying to cool or heat an area that won’t reach your ideal temperature. The longer your AC or heater runs, the higher your electric bill will be.

Furthermore, running a unit non-stop causes even faster wear, and parts break down more quickly. We can make sure that your home is adequately insulated and that your money stays in your wallet instead of going to your energy company.

Air Quality

Are you prone to getting sick? Do your allergies flare up when you’re inside your own home? You might have an indoor air quality issue. An air conditioning unit that allows contaminated air to entire your home isn’t a properly functioning unit. We need to check your air quality as soon as possible to see if that’s the cause of your problems.

Prolonged exposure to dirty air has a negative impact on your health. Not only will you generally feel worse when you suck in bad air, but you might also have to miss work or pay for doctor visits. Let us check out your system, filtration, and air quality to make sure everything is safe.

Magnolia Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioner Service for Business Owners

HVAC Maintenance

If you haven’t ever had your air conditioner serviced, you’re likely overdue. Proper maintenance, meaning tune-ups every six months, is necessary to prolong the air conditioning system’s life.

Like insulation, an overworked and under-maintained unit costs you more money each month. Houston Admiral has service contracts available for homes and businesses. Instead of calling each time you think you need a tune-up, we’ll stay on top of it. Our technicians will service your unit twice per year.

If you have an older unit, the unit may already have some damage. You’ll get a discount on repairs, Magnolia Heating and Air Service, and equipment with our maintenance contract. If you know that your air conditioner might need some work done, it’s a wise idea to save money with our service contracts.

Even if you’re behind on properly caring for your air conditioner, we don’t recommend that you try to perform repairs and maintenance yourself. Instead, let the certified technicians handle it. Our NATE-certified technicians handle all issues quickly and safely, without causing further damage to your unit.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve talked to a customer who said, “Well, I tried to fix it…” In a lot of cases, the repairs would have cheaper before they tinkered with the unit. Even simple maintenance can cause more significant issues if not handled delicately because your air conditioner is made of many sensitive parts internally and externally.

Let us handle your maintenance. We have the right tools to do the job. Learn more about our service contracts here.

Magnolia Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Get your HVAC tune-up twice every 12 months

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Call Houston Admiral at (281) 876-9400 for any needed service or repairs. Alternatively, you can set an appointment with us. We’d love to talk with you about your air conditioner needs.

We have several units in our stores that could fit your home or business location and meet your desired SEER requirements. Not sure what a SEER rating is? Our technicians can explain everything you need to know about selecting the best unit for your locale.

Houston Admiral is an authorized RUUD dealer. We stand by our RUUD products and offer a lifetime warranty on all systems that you buy from us. Call us for all your HVAC needs! We provide exceptional customer service and Magnolia Heating and Air Conditioning Service at a competitive rate!

Magnolia Fun Facts!

  • The wildlife preserve here is 30 acres!
  • Magnolia trees once grew in Magnolia.
  • A major tollway is coming to the city.
  • Learn more about Magnolia here!