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For the best Magnolia Heating And Air services, contact Houston Admiral. We offer services on various types of brands and we have years of experience when it comes to dealing with both residential and commercial locations. We aim to provide the highest quality of service along with achieving high rates of customer satisfaction.

As summer approaches, no one should be left without a functioning air conditioning system. Having to go through a Texas summer with no clean or cool air is a terrible thing to even think about. Houston Admiral is here to assure that your comfortable and cool when the dog days of summer are in full flow.

Magnolia Heating And Air

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What Can A Working HVAC Unit Do for You?

A study from the Environmental Protection Agency revealed that more than 9,000 Americans died from heat-related issues between 1979 and 2013. This figure may seem massive but it doesn’t capture the full magnitude of this problem.

There are many other deaths that may have heat as a contributing factor even if not the main one. Keeping a cool environment with an efficient and effective air conditioner is the best way to prevent heat-related deaths and illnesses.

Better Air Quality

Air conditioners are meant to circulate and filter the air while removing pollutants and mold. This is a very good function, especially for those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Proper air conditioning minimizes that irritants that trigger an attack. This is shy it is vital to keep your system clean and change the filter regularly. Your AC system will actually contribute to indoor air pollution if left unattended.

Improves Workforce Efficiency

In a day that is too hot, there can be feelings of sluggishness that can creep in. There’s actually a scientific explanation for this. An article in Scientific American stated that the energy the body expends in trying to cool itself takes away energy for thinking and reasoning. When work environments are properly air conditioned, people tend to work better and also make better decisions.

Cools Down Tempers

As the temperature rises, so do our tempers. An article on states that as our brains slow down, our bodies speed up due to increases heart rates and higher blood pressure. This leads to aggressive behavior, which emphasizes the importance of having a cool environment at home, work, and public spaces.

Magnolia Heating And Air

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Better And Easier Sleep

The same physical changes as stated above, higher heart rate and blood pressure, can make it almost impossible to get some good sleep. The core body temperature is vital when trying to get and stay asleep.

A room with temperatures that are too hot or too cold will interfere with the natural temperature regulation which doctors recommend it be between 65 and 75 degrees.

Protect Furniture

We all love the furniture we buy, that is why we buy a certain piece of furniture. To ensure an extended life for your furniture, invest in a properly functioning AC system. Heat and the humidity that comes with it can wreak havoc on different kinds of furniture. Wood will gain or lose moisture depending on the air it is surrounded by.

This will eventually lead to warping. Leather absorbs moisture as well, which in time will cause the couch to rot. In addition to that, any fabric is susceptible to the mold that breeds furiously in damp environments.

Preventing Electronics From Overheating

One of the least talked about issues that come from heat and humidity is the negative effects they can have on electronics. Computers and phones can suffer serious meltdowns when the temperature increases which leads to possible loss of data and an overall shorter lifespan. If your place of work contains computer servers, keeping the space cool would be a great idea to prevent any problems.

Better Security

Having open windows because of the lack of air conditioning causes many issues. One is that it is limited in keeping bugs out. Even worse than unwanted bugs are unwanted people. Having proper AC will allow you to keep your home or workplace safer by keeping windows locked and secured.

Residential Services

At Houston Admiral, we believe in efficiency and quality. Our company has helped countless people in the area with their varying AC issues. Our team consists of highly experienced, qualified and skilled technicians working on your home air conditioning systems.

It doesn’t matter the time or day, our team is on call 24/7 for any emergency services required. Our goal is to ensure optimal functionality from your system to bring you complete comfort.

Our services include anything from component repairs, installation, replacement, cleaning, maintenance, to troubleshooting performed by our skilled and trained experts. We have the most advanced equipment to go along with our extensive knowledge and experience.

Commercial Services

Magnolia Heating And Air

Great Magnolia Heating And Air Services

We also serve commercial locations. In case you were not aware, your business’ HVAC system will account for nearly half of your energy usage every month. This is why it is imperative that your system is operating at maximum efficiency. A system that is inefficient will deprive your business of a comfortable workspace, while also eroding any possible financial savings that would come with proper maintenance and service of your system.

We have experience including working with strip malls, schools, factories, machine shops, and various national accounts. You can count on us to provide incredible service and maintenance of your AC system. We provide 24/7 emergency services and system replacement at competitive prices. We also offer a Lifetime Warranty, and we are the only HVAC system contractor in the Greater Houston Area to do so.

Magnolia Heating And Air

If you are searching for Magnolia Heating and Air Companies Near Me then look no further. Contact Houston Admiral for the best Magnolia heating and cooling services in the area, just visit our location or call (281) 876-9400. If you’re looking for the best Magnolia Heating And Air services, visit our site and learn why we are the best choice for you.

Magnolia Fun Facts

  • The official host of the state’s Renaissance Festival.
  • Has the “The Stroll”, a half-mile park and trail in the city center.
  • The city is named after the trees that grew there
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