Magnolia Heating and Cooling Service

Have you considered Magnolia Heating and Cooling Service for your home or business? If you’re a family in Magnolia or Montgomery County, Houston Admiral is here to serve you. We help families and businesses through Houston, including the rapidly expanding community of Magnolia.

The best time to find the best HVAC company in the area is before you need to call them. Otherwise, you might make a decision based on who you see first. Below we’ll explain what truly sets Houston Admiral apart. But we won’t just give you a list of services. We’ll help you see exactly how we can help your business or family.

Our HVAC Services

We can solve any problem you’re having with your air conditioner. We can repair any part of your heating or cooling service. Alternatively, we can replace your system entirely and provide you with a new unit—fortunately, Houston Admiral is an authorized RUUD dealer.

RUUD is one of the top HVAC brands in the country, and we are proud to offer their products to Magnolia families. If you want a new system entirely, we can fit your home with a new RUUD system. Plus, we offer lifetime warranties to our units.

In addition to RUUD products, we service all kinds of HVAC brands. The current unit in your home may be Lennox or Goodman. No matter your brand, we perform fast service.

Magnolia Heating and Cooling Service

Magnolia TX Heating and Cooling Service

Reasons To Choose Houston Admiral for Your Home


You don’t have to look for a different technician to handle each new problem that arises with your unit. Often, families will purchase their unit from one company and hire another company to install the unit. Then, they find someone else to perform repairs.

With each new company, you run the risk of unsatisfactory service or variation in pricing. Let Houston Admiral handle all of your HVAC services, and you’ll save time and money.

We are an HVAC unit distributor and repair company that performs installation and maintenance. In addition to keeping you comfy, our technicians that maximize your lung health by maintaining appropriate insulation and air quality.

Few companies in the state offer as many services as we do, let alone in the Houston area. Houston Admiral will be the only company you call when you need work done on your air conditioning unit.

Service Contracts

Has anyone told you that you need routine maintenance done of your air conditioning system? Chances are, if the company doesn’t offer a maintenance service, they’ll fail to mention it. Houston Admiral knows you need your unit serviced regularly, and we know how to do it.

With routine maintenance, 80% of AC repairs could be completely avoided. Don’t go out and buy a bunch of special tools and supplies. We’ve got everything we need to tune up your air conditioner.

We Have Your Best Interests at Heart

No scams. No games. Our certified, licensed, and highly trained technicians perform excellent service. When we say “excellent,” we mean “correct” and “quick.” We can identify the actual problem with your unit and fix it right away. Other companies might apply a one-size-fits-all method of HVAC repair.

Offering the same one or two suggestions for every unit they come across. We know that you expect more from your Magnolia Heating and Cooling Service. We’ll tell you how to cut costs on your energy bill and save money on repairs by preventing them from outright.

Magnolia Heating and Cooling Service

Houston Admiral is an authorized dealer of RUUD products

You Need Our HVAC Service For Your Business

We’ve Got Experience

Don’t trust the air conditioning unit of your commercial property in the hands of a technician who has no commercial unit experience. The units might seem not to be much different, but commercial units have specific needs and specifications.

At Houston Admiral, our technicians have installed and serviced commercial units for a variety of locals. We’ve worked on the HVAC systems of franchises, factories, and even entire strip malls. We perform installations and replacements, preventative maintenance, and restorative repairs on commercial properties throughout Magnolia, TX.

Competitive Pricing

As a business owner, we know you’ve got to meet your bottom line and justify expenses to investors and shareholders. That’s why they offer competitive pricing for commercial HVAC services. Our installation and repair services are fairly priced, and we also offer commercial service contracts.

For a slightly higher annual expense total, you’ll save more money annually and show higher projected profits with our routine service. We prevent the need for expensive repairs or premature replacement because we regularly inspect and tune up your units. Houston Admiral service and maintenance is a smart business move.

24/7 Hour Service

If anything happens to your air conditioning system, we’re only a call away. For all HVAC emergencies, we can send technicians out to your business at any time of day. After-hours and holiday service calls cost you the same as they would if you call us during business hours. Your HVAC hiccups don’t have to interrupt your business. We’ll have everything back in order before you open the next day.

Magnolia Heating and Cooling Service

Houston Admiral can be there for all your heating and cooling service needs.

Call us for Magnolia Heating and Cooling Service!

Houston Admiral prioritizes quantity over quality. Much of our business comes from repeat customers. That doesn’t mean that we don’t get it right the first time. In fact, repeat business means just the opposite.

We perform exceptional service each time around, and families or businesses who work with us once call us again when they need something new.

You might contact us to perform repairs, and remember us later when you want to replace your unit. Our work speaks for itself. We have comprehensive service offerings because we hope to be the only ones you have to call if you need anything for your air conditioner or heater.

Call us at (281) 876-9400 or set an appointment with us online to learn more about our offers. Also, you can check our website for special deals. Check back often because our offers don’t last for long.

However, what does last is our quality repair service, our durable products, and our excellent customer service experience. When you need Magnolia Heating and Cooling Service done right, you can call Houston Admiral at any time.

Magnolia TX Fun Facts!

  • Magnolia has a 30-acre wildlife preserve!
  • How many magnolia trees can you spot in Magnolia?
  • Magnolia is a quickly-growing community!
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