Magnolia HVAC Companies

Are you in search of Magnolia HVAC Companies to perform service on the heating and cooling systems in your home? Call Houston Admiral today. We offer complete care solutions for your HVAC units.

We can provide, install, maintain, repair, and replace nearly any unit. Common brands that we service include the sturdy, dependable, RUUD brand.

Houston Admiral is a proudly served authorized dealer for RUUD products, and we know how to care for them, However, if you don’t have a RUUD system, Houston Admiral can still service your system.

We work with several different brands and, having been in the business for over 25 years, are sure to know how to work on your unit. If you want a Magnolia HVAC Maintenance Contract, then we have the top quality service you are looking for.

Air Conditioner Service Options

Installation. As a certified dealer of RUUD products, we have a selection of units for you to choose from. We offer units of varying efficiency, size, and price. You can find the perfect unit for your home here.

Factors to consider are the size of your house, as well as your budget, and how much you use your unit now. Visit our store today, and we can talk you through your options.

Repair. Houston Admiral provides full-service repairs for air conditioning units. We can repair or replace any part that has worn down or is malfunctioning. We also install digital thermometers.

Upgrade your home on the inside and outside with our speedy repair service. We also test and manage air filtration.

Replacement. We can find a similar unit to the one you have now, or if your unit is outdated, upgrade you to a more modern system. Today’s air conditioning units are quieter and more efficient than ever before.

You can save hundreds to thousands on your energy bill by upgrading. We can look at your current unit and find one that is a similar size, so you don’t have to make any adjustments to the layout or landscaping of your home.

Magnolia HVAC Companies

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Heater and Furnace Service Options

Installation. We can install heating systems in your home.

Repair. We have experience working on a variety of heating systems brands. We work on both electric and gas furnaces. Furthermore, we repair heat pumps. We can also tune up your heating system. We recommend regular heating system maintenance to keep your home safe.

Replacement. We can replace all heating systems. Visit our store to see your options. Whatever your residential heating needs, we can help. We also work with high-efficiency systems.

We can find a unit similar to the one you already own or suggest an alternative. This may be the first time you get to choose your heating system, and we’ll help you make the best decision for your family.

Magnolia HVAC Companies

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How Are We Different From Other Magnolia HVAC Companies?

We have multiple finance options for new unit purchasers to choose between. Instead of putting the entire bill on your credit card, consider one of our finance options for your new HVAC unit.

You can either select a fixed-rate option or financing with a variable rate, but either case is likely to be cheaper than your credit card interest rates. Additionally, you don’t have to tie up one of your accounts with the total cost of an air conditioning unit.

Houston Admiral also offers service contracts. Regular maintenance and tune-ups are keys to extending the life of your unit. We can prevent the majority of HVAC unit repairs can with simple routine maintenance, but many people neglect their outside unit. On the other hand, those who try to save a buck by performing maintenance themselves run the risk of damaging the unit.

Many components of your AC unit are susceptible to damage, and special tools must be used to safely and properly clean them. If you perform haphazard maintenance on your unit, you could wind up paying more money for repairs than a service contract would have cost.

A service contact more than pays for itself. A unit that gets a tune-up twice per year and is kept at maximum efficiency saves you money on your energy bill. Furthermore, you save money on repairs because, frankly, you probably won’t need them.

If you do need repairs, such as in a situation where your unit gets damaged during a bad storm, we offer discounts to customers with service contracts. When your unit stops working after almost two decades, you’ll also get a discount on new equipment.

Magnolia HVAC Companies

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Call Us Today for Magnolia HVAC Service

Houston Admiral offers 24-hour emergency service. We don’t charge extra fees for after-hours assistance, even on Sundays and holidays. You might not notice that your air conditioner is broken until you get home from work on Monday.

You don’t have to wait the entire week, or take off of work, to get your unit serviced. We can send someone out that evening and get it taken care of.

In addition to being one of the few companies to offer around-the-clock HVAC service, we also are unique in that we offer a lifetime warranty on our products. If you purchase a new RUUD system from us, it’s covered from manufacturer defects for the life of the system.

You won’t have to pay for parts and labor for covered costs. If you have an unexpected issue with your new unit, give us a call right away.

If you need a full-service air conditioning and furnace repair and maintenance company, call us. Houston Admiral’s number is (281) 876-9400, and a live person is available to speak with you about your needs 24/7. We will “spoil you with service.” Our certified technicians will perform fast, professional service, usually on the same day that you call us.

You can also visit us if you want to purchase a new unit. We trust RUUD products and believe they offer the best in terms of durability and efficiency in comparison to their economy. With our regular maintenance, we can ensure that your unit runs strong for years to come.

Magnolia TX Fun Facts!

  • The Texas City Renaissance Festival takes place in Magnolia every year!
  • The city is named after its beautiful magnolia trees.
  • “The Stroll” is a favorite destination for Magnolia visitors who don’t mind walking.
  • Learn more about Magnolia here!