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Are you looking for a Spring TX ac repair shop to fix your AC? Then you’re in luck! Go Admiral is a family-owned AC repair company based in Houston, TX. We have been servicing Houston and its surrounding areas since 1990. We work with hundreds of customers each year, including home and building owners. Our technicians are experts in the industry, and we make sure that each of them is certified and knowledgeable in the latest AC-related technology. Our services extend beyond just AC repair too. So if you’re looking for AC installation, heating repairs, or air quality checks, then Go Admiral is the AC company for you!

Does your AC unit need repairs?

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There are multiple ways to know if your AC system needs repairs.

The clearest indicator that your AC unit needs repairs is if it is not working correctly. This can mean that either the AC unit is not working or not working as it should. If your AC unit is not working at all, that could spell trouble for you and your home or office. AC units are hard to repair without the help of an expert, so give Go Admiral a call if your AC unit is not functioning. We provide emergency repairs on a 24/7 basis. Emergency services come at no extra cost, even if the repair happens on the weekend or after hours.

But if your AC unit is working well, you might still be wondering if it needs repairs or not. We understand your concern. The general public does not know much about their AC units. AC units are just one of those things in life that we forget about.

Combine that with the fact that most AC units are located outside or on top of roofs- and it’s easy to understand that AC units are commonly forgotten about! So we advise you to check up on your AC unit regularly. 

How to know if my AC unit needs repairs

Without checking up on it as a technician would, there are plenty of ways to identify whether or not your AC unit needs repairs. Here are some of the easiest ways to tell:

  • Lower quality air. Has the overall air quality in your space changed; seemed off lately? Is the temperature just not the way it was before? If your AC is running on full blast, but your home or office isn’t getting cooled the way it used to, it could mean your AC needs repairs. Overall air quality is also a good indicator. Have you or anyone in your space been experiencing allergies or trouble breathing? There could be a build-up of dust and pollen in your vents or filters. Air quality is one of those things people commonly forget about since we assume air is air. But neglecting air quality can lead to health problems that include headaches, asthma, and fatigue. 

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    Good home air quality is vital to a healthy lifestyle.

  • You’ve started hearing unordinary sounds coming from your AC unit. Strange sounds such as banging, grinding, whistling, or crashing indicate that your system is either breaking down or has something stuck in it. But don’t automatically assume that sound coming from your unit means that it is broken or needs repairs. A low humming sound (or louder depending on unit size) is perfectly normal and preferred. If your AC unit seems to be on but is generally silent, you might want to double-check it as well. 
  • Bills are getting higher. No one wants high bills. If your energy bills are much higher but nothing appears to have changed in your home or building’s energy routine, it might be a good idea to inspect your AC unit. Bills get higher around the summertime since people run their AC more, so it might not be a concern. But if the bills are getting super high, it might be a sign that your AC is running at double power for too long.

How to properly care for your AC unit

Did you know that over 80% of air conditioner repairs could have been prevented with proper maintenance and care? To avoid repairs or replacements, you need to take good care of your AC unit. Having a good maintenance routine for your AC unit is vital to ensuring that your system will last for many years. We recommend planning and developing a maintenance routine. Here are some things you might want to include in your routine:

  • Frequent filter changes.
  • Cleaning your AC unit of debris and trash.
  • Refilling refrigerant in your system.
  • Making sure all cables and screws are plugged in securely.

You can learn more about how to take care of your AC unit here.

Additionally, one of our expert technicians can give you accurate and personalized advice whenever we repair or replace one of your units. Our technicians have an extensive amount of knowledge and skills in the field of AC-related technology, so don’t be afraid to ask them any questions you might have!

Spring TX ac repair shop 

So if you’re still looking in the area for an AC repair shop, then go ahead and give Go Admiral a call today! You can also visit our appointments page to schedule an appointment online. We run on a general 8-5p schedule (M-F), but

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Call Go Admiral today!

our emergency services are available 24/7! Please don’t shy away from contacting us. We work with both commercial and residential customers and know exactly how to treat your AC unit. 

In addition, Go Admiral has a large selection of other services that you might be interested in! We can provide you with heating repairs and installations, air quality checks, heat pump repairs, AC tune-ups, and much more! No worries if you’re not in Spring, TX, either. We service all over the Greater Houston area

In terms of prices, we are proud to say we offer some of the best deals in the area. We require no down payment for installing new equipment, and our service call is free when we repair your AC. If you’re in Spring, TX, you might also be interested in a service contract with us. For just $129.95/year, you’ll get two tune-ups each year, assisted maintenance, recommendations from our experts, lower energy bills, and much more!

We’re the best Spring TX ac repair shop in the area and are eager to work with you.

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