Spring TX central air not cooling

Is your Spring TX central air not cooling? This is not an unusual sight to see. If this is something you are experiencing, there might be some reasons for this. But you don’t have to sit in the heart of your home. You can contact Go Admiral today!

The Woodlands TX Air Conditioning

Spring TX central air not cooling, then give Go Admiral a call

Go Admiral is a company in Houston Tx that provides air conditioning services. We serve homes and businesses all over the Greater Houston area. Our company has been able to grow and expand, and with that, we have opened several locations in the surrounding cities and communities. These cities include Spring Tx, the Woodlands, Katy Tx, and many other cities.

Because we have many locations, we can reach homes and businesses like yours with the best quality service. Go Admiral makes it easy for you to contact us. So many other companies don’t always make it easy for you to get their service, but we do. At Go Admiral, we make ourselves and our services available to you 24/7.

So, if you are in the Spring Texas area and looking for quality AC repair, then give us a call today, we will be ready to help you out at any time. 

Reasons your air conditioning system is not cooling

Are you sitting in a hot home or business building right now? Has your central air conditioner been breaking down frequently, and you are frustrated? Don’t be frustrated any longer! You need to figure out what is causing your system to break down. 

There are several different reasons your Spring TX central air not cooling. Look at some of these reasons, and if any apply to you and your AC unit, you should give Go Admiral a call today! We have technicians that will repair your system in no time and get you back to being cool and comfortable in no time. 

The Woodlands TX central air not cooling

Look into the reasons your Spring TX central air is not cooling

One of the more common reasons an air conditioner and heating unit may not work is that the filter may be dirty. Having a dirty filter can actually cause your unit to freeze up or just stop working in general. So, you should take a look at your filter and see it is dirty and gunked up. Another common reason is your thermostat may not be functioning well. Since your thermostat controls your system, if it is not working properly, you will need to check it, maybe change the batteries, or replace it altogether. Once you have done this, you will need to reset it to cool; your unit should hopefully pick up after this. 

Other reasons that your Air conditioner is not working 

The other 2 common reasons may need to be fixed by a technician. We wouldn’t recommend doing these tasks on your own unless you are familiar with your HVAC unit. It is possible that your condenser coil is dirty. What is this, and what does it mean? Your HVAC unit is on the outside of your home, and so is your condenser coil.

Because it is outside, it can get extremely dirty. This part of your system helps your unit function smoothly and sometimes acts as an energy saver. Sometimes if the condenser coil is too dirty, it can cause your energy bill to increase. So, make a service call and have your technician check your condenser coil today. 

Lastly, another reason your system might not be working is a refrigerant or freon leak. If you have wondered what makes your AC unit cool, it is because of freon. Freon is the agent that makes your home or building cool, and if this agent is leaking from the container it’s in, then your unit won’t work. So, the next step is for the container to be sealed or replaced, then freon can be refilled. We highly recommend that you call an HVAC technician to do this. You don’t want to spoil your unit, so give the technicians at Go Admiral a call today for AC repair in Spring.  

How to Maintain your AC System

For homeowners and business building owners with frequent breakdowns, you may want to consider how you can maintain your AC unit.

Because of the experience that our HVAC technicians have in the industry, they can give you some advice on how to maintain your unit. Whether this is after an AC installation or after an AC repair, they can let you know what you can do to keep your unit working for a longer period. 

For cooling systems, we have come up with some general ways you can keep your unit functioning optimally. These tips and advice are for both residential and commercial HVAC units. Both units are different in their own ways, but they both have similarities that allow them to follow some of the same tips. If you don’t feel the most comfortable performing some of these tips by yourself, you can call us, and we will send our technicians to help you out. You would just ask for a maintenance service call, and they will understand what you need.

Maintenance Tips

Some essential maintenance tips for you to follow include changing your HVAC filters. You don’t need your filter to be dirty like discussed above. It can be costly in the long run. Also, making sure that dirt and debris don’t enter your unit by trimming down any bushes that may be around. Since your unit is outside, it is more than likely that you may have brushes in that area. You just need to make sure that they saw low, and this can help avoid future breakdowns.

The Woodlands TX central air not cooling

Keep flowers and plants around your system cut low so that your system stays running

You can read more tips on our website, but the biggest way to keep your unit functioning properly is by having technicians perform regular maintenance on your unit. If a technician comes in often, they may catch things before something significant happens. Finish reading the tips for maintenance on our website. 

Spring TX central air not cooling

If you are in need of our HVAC repair service for your central air conditioner, call us as soon as possible. We also have other HVAC services that are readily available for you. We work on heating systems as well. So if you need something like your heat pump replaced or repaired, we can do that for you. Because summer and spring bring a lot of pollen, we are offering you our indoor air quality service. This service focuses on keeping the air in your home fresh and clean with air purifiers and by keeping your air filters clean. 

No matter the problem you are having with your HVAC unit, we can fix it for you. If your Spring TX central air not cooling, then call Go Admiral. 

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