The Woodlands TX AC Check Up

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Many homeowners have questions about what an HVAC check-up is and whether they need it. Go Admiral is here to help answer some of those questions, as well as a few other common questions we get.

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FAQ – HVAC Tune-Ups

What does The Woodlands TX AC check up include?

Seasonal maintenance, also called an AC tune-up or check, is used to keep your HVAC system healthy. In the fall, your technician will check your furnace, and in the spring, they’ll look at the air conditioning system.

A typical The Woodlands TX AC check up includes inspecting, cleaning, and testing your unit. There are multiple tasks that the technician will perform, but here’s a quick summary:

Inspect wires, connections, motors, compressors, outdoor coil, evaporator coils, and other components

Clean the outdoor coil, evaporator coil, condensate pan, and more

Test the thermostat temperature accuracy, amperage, voltage, airflow, etc.

Air conditioning repairs are not part of seasonal maintenance. However, a technician will let you know if something in your air conditioning and heating system needs to be replaced. In addition, they will also let you know the overall health of your AC unit.

The Woodlands TX AC Check Up

Go Admiral’s The Woodlands TX AC Check Up includes testing your unit

Do I really need air conditioning tune-ups?

Yes, you really, really need to get your HVAC system maintenance twice a year. More than 80% of air conditioner repairs can be prevented just by getting tune-ups. In addition, check-ups are the perfect time for your technician to give you an update on the overall health of your system.

Other Home AC FAQs

Can we repair our air conditioner ourselves?

If you’re not a heating and cooling system guru, you may want to leave repairs to an expert. Air conditioners can stop working for multiple reasons, but a certified professional will be able to quickly find the problem. However, you can try a few simple fixes first.

Simple DIY fixes

You’ve checked and double-checked the thermostat, but the temperature is still headed in the wrong direction. You question why you’re being tortured like this–in the middle of August, no less! Try these simple fixes.

Check your air filters.

While it doesn’t happen often, technically, your air filter can become so saturated with dust and dirt that it blocks airflow, which would leave your home rather steamy. So, take a peek at your filter. If it’s dirty, replace it.

Clean your outdoor coil.

Most homeowners in The Woodlands, TX, have an AC system made of an outdoor unit and an indoor component (usually in the attic). The outdoor unit is covered with tightly spaced metal fins surrounding the sides of the unit. This is referred to as the outdoor coil.

Because your outdoor coil is exposed to the elements, it can get clogged with dirt, grass, etc. If this happens, the outdoor unit won’t be able to suck in air, and your system won’t work.

Thankfully, the fix is simple: spray it down with your garden hose or use a vacuum with a burst attachment to clean the gunk out. Don’t use a powerwasher, though, because you could damage the metal.

More complicated issues

If you’re still not feeling cool air from your vents, we recommend calling a professional. Two fairly common reasons air conditions stop blowing air include:

Frozen evaporator coils: Located in the attic, evaporator coils remove the heat and humidity from your air. However, they can literally freeze over and stop cooling air completely.

Refrigerant leak: Refrigerant also helps cool the air in your home. If it’s leaking, your home won’t cool as well.

HVAC check-ups include inspecting, cleaning, and testing your unit

Go Admiral can help you get indoor allergens under control

What is an indoor air quality check?

A lot of residents in and north of Houston suffer from allergies. However, if you’re sneezing all the time around the house, your HVAC system may be struggling to filter out allergens effectively.

One potential solution is to upgrade your air filters and replace them more often. There are many advanced filters available, even antiviral ones. If filter upgrades don’t help you out, you may need an air quality check.

At Go Admiral, our technicians will look at how well your system is removing allergens like dust, pet dander, pollen, etc. We will recommend advanced filtering solutions and work with you to remove as many allergens from your home as possible.

How can homeowners in The Woodlands, Texas, lower their energy bill?

Your air conditioner has a big secret: it consumes so much energy that it accounts for over half of your electric bill. And that’s assuming it’s energy-efficient. Here are some ways you can help lower your electric bill:

Get the seasonal check-ups.

Regular maintenance will keep your HVAC system as healthy and energy-efficient as possible.

Caulk around doors and windows.

Cool air likes to try to escape from your home. If your windows and doors don’t have a tight seal, you’ll lose cool air quickly.

Add more attic insulation.

Poorly insulated attics won’t retain cool air very well. So, call an expert to make sure your house has the recommended amount of insulation.

Consider changing your thermostat settings.

HVAC check-ups include inspecting, cleaning, and testing your unit

Energy experts recommend warmer thermostat settings than most Texas homeowners prefer

Texas has brutal summers, so it’s no surprise we like to keep our homes very cool. However, if everyone is running the AC full blast in August, our electric grid gets overworked. This could cause energy companies to begin rolling blackouts.

Energy experts ask Texans to keep their thermostats at 79 degrees during the day and at least 80 degrees at night. If you’re going out, they request that you raise the temperature to 85 degrees.

These temperatures are not nearly as cozy as the 75 degree setting many homeowners prefer and certainly don’t match the recommended sleep temperature of 68 to 72 degrees. However, warmer settings would help your system run more efficiently, leading to a lower electric bill.

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Fun Facts about The Woodlands, Texas

  • George P. Mitchell founded The Woodlands in 1974.
  • The Woodlands spans over 28,000 acres.
  • You can enjoy The Houston Symphony at its summer home in the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.

For more fun facts about The Woodlands, visit their website.