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Does the heat have you searching for The Woodlands TX ac repair company on Google? No worries then! Go Admiral is one of the highest-rated AC repair companies in the Houston area. We are a family-owned business that has been servicing the Houston area since 1990. Our team of expert technicians is certified and knowledgeable in all things AC-related and is sure to impress you with their skills and professionalism. 

The heat isn’t going to let up in Texas, so now is the time to check up on your AC system to make sure it doesn’t break down. No one wants to have their home or business left in the Texas heat without a working air conditioner. If your AC is already damaged or broken, we can also help you there! We offer free consultations and service calls whenever we repair your AC. 

Preventing damage to your AC

Before it breaks down from overuse, there are plenty of things you can do to protect your AC. Protecting your AC ahead of time is essential to extending its longevity and making sure your space has suitable temperature control all year-round. Here are some ways you can prevent damage to your AC unit:

The Woodlands TX ac repair services

The Woodlands TX ac repair services

  • Make sure that all cables are plugged in, and all screws are in place tightly. This step is one of the easiest you can do to prevent yourself from spending hundreds on either AC unit repair or complete AC unit replacement. Sometimes mistakes happen, and a cable or coil could be loose in your machine. Double-check around the unit to make sure everything is in its proper place. We also recommend taking the time to lubricate your system’s gears. Adequate lubrication ensures that your system runs smoothly and that none of the parts are grinding on each other. 
  • Fill up on refrigerant. Refrigerant is the product that helps the air blowing through your building or home cool down. Low reserves of refrigerant result in low-quality air circulating throughout your space. You might find yourself running your system more often and for longer periods of time when the refrigerant is low. 
  • Replace filters as frequently as you can (within reason). The filters in your ducts and vents need to be replaced once the dirt and pollen on them start to build up. Your AC unit has to work extra hard to blow air through piles of pollutants that have built up on your filters. Make sure this doesn’t happen by replacing filters according to how dirty they have gotten. We advise purchasing higher-quality filters because they require less frequent replacements. 

Learn more about how to take care of your AC unit here.

Your specific AC unit

Another essential part of taking good care of your AC unit is knowing what kind of AC you have in the first place. There are dozens of AC unit types and models, but most of them have specific niche uses. The three most common ones are: 

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Be sure to know what kind of AC unit you have.

Split Unit AC: Much like their name suggests, split unit ACs are AC units with two parts. One of them is located outside, while the other part is located inside. Air circulates between copper tubings that connect the two regions. The refrigerant cools the air coming inside so that cold air can blow throughout your home or building. These types of AC units come in two variations: those with ducts and those without ducts. Split unit ACs are more environmentally friendly and cheaper but are not as powerful as other AC units since they can only circulate air throughout one room.

Packaged AC systems:  This AC unit is the most common one you see in both residential homes and commercial buildings. Packaged AC systems have all the functions of an AC unit located inside them and might even have the capability to heat. They’re generally much bigger and can be found outside homes or on top of building rooftops. 

Knowing what kind of AC unit you have is a good part of any AC unit maintenance routine. If you have trouble identifying your unit type, call us today, and one of our experts will help you determine what kind of unit you may have.

Why maintenance is important 

Keeping up with your AC unit is vital for many reasons. Here a few of them:

  • You’ll protect the people in your space from bacteria and disease. AC units that are neglected are usually contaminated with pollutants. Pollutants such as dirt and pollen will cause allergies, but other hidden viruses might be present in the air as well. By sticking to a good AC unit maintenance routine, you are protecting the health of you and those around you.
  • Your energy bill will be much lower. AC units that need repairs work extra hard to meet the temperature requirement you set on the thermostat. When this happens, the AC is generally on for much longer durations. This causes bills to skyrocket. A good AC unit will be able to cool down a house or building in a modest amount of time, keeping your bills low and your pocket full.
  • Lower costs. Did you know that over 80% of AC unit repairs and replacements could have been avoided with optimal AC unit care? In line with keeping your pocket full, repairs made to AC units can cost a ton of money. If your AC unit is old, you might even need to replace your unit entirely. This costs more but will be beneficial in the end. But you can prevent both of these by taking good care of your AC unit. 

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