The Woodlands TX central air not cooling

Are you wondering why your The Woodlands TX central air not cooling? There are many possible causes. However, some fixes are simple, and you can try them yourself.

Of course, if you’re unable to get your AC unit to cool, feel free to call the experts at Go Admiral of The Woodlands at (281) 876-9400. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, we take emergency appointments so we can get your central AC system back up and running.

The Woodlands TX central air not cooling

Why is the woodlands TX central air not cooling?

Why is my air conditioning system not blowing cool air?

There are both simple and complex reasons why your unit isn’t giving you a cool breeze. Here are some fixes you can try, as well as some other explanations that are best left to a professional.

Simple Fixes for The Woodlands TX Central Air Not Cooling

1. Double-check your thermostat

We know this is probably not the reason you’re burning up, but it occasionally happens. Someone changed the thermostat without letting you know.

So, just to be absolutely positive, make sure your thermostat is, in fact, set to Cool and, if applicable, Auto. If your thermostat is on the Fan setting, it won’t be blowing cold air your way.

2. Make sure your HVAC filters and grills are clean

Clean air filters and grills allow your AC system to easily push air through your ducts. If your air filters are dirty, they will slow down or even prevent airflow. In addition, dirt, dust, and hair will build up on the grill (which is the piece of metal that secures the filter to the ceiling).

The lifespan of an air filter varies, but it’s typically between 30 days and 6 months. While the packaging can give you an idea of when you should replace your air filter, your home environment plays a big role, too. For example, if you have pets or suffer from allergies, you may need to change the filter more often.

While it doesn’t happen often, your filters can technically become dirty enough to considerably slow or completely block airflow. This could then lead to your AC system completely shutting down. At that point, it’d be time to call a pro.

The Woodlands TX central air not cooling

The outdoor coil wraps around your unit and is made of tightly spaced fins

3. Clean the condenser coils

Most AC units in The Woodlands, TX, have an outdoor condenser unit. The sides of the outdoor condenser are made of the outdoor coil, which is made of thin, tightly spaced metal “fins.” The condenser unit sucks in outside air through the outdoor coil.

Because the outdoor coil is exposed, dirt and debris can sometimes clog up the coil. If air can’t pass through the outdoor coil, your AC system won’t be able to push hot air out of your home.

Thankfully, if the coil is clogged, the solution is simple. You can use a hose–but not a power washer!–to remove dirt and debris from the fins. Alternatively, you could use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to clean the fins.

More Complicated Reasons You’re Not Getting a Cool Breeze

If you’ve tried checking the thermostat, air filters, and condenser coil, but you’re still not getting cool air, you may have a more complex issue. Below are some possible explanations. However, unless you’re an HVAC guru, these are best left to a professional.

1. Your evaporator coil is frozen

When your HVAC system sucks in hot air, it pushes it over the evaporator coils, which are located in the indoor portion of the unit. (In The Woodlands, TX, your indoor component is almost certainly in your attic.) As the air passes through the coils, the evaporator coils make the air cooler by removing the heat and humidity.

There are many reasons why evaporator coils freeze. However, the result is always the same: you won’t be getting cold air anytime soon. Signs that your evaporator coils have frozen include frost on the copper tubing that sits next to and enters the coil cabinet, poor cooling, high electric bills, and excessive water in your condensate pan.

The outdoor coil wraps around your unit and is made of tightly spaced fins

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2. There’s a refrigerant leak

Refrigerant also plays a huge role in removing heat and humidity from your home. If the refrigerant is leaking, your unit may run for long periods without adequately cooling your home. It’s also possible that the leak will damage the compressor or completely shut down your system.

3. Your AC unit is the wrong size

Choosing the correct size HVAC unit is critical. An undersized unit can make your electric bill skyrocket and leave you sweating. Alternatively, an oversized unit cycles too quickly, resulting in damaged parts.

If you’re unsure whether your AC unit is the proper size, we can help. Our certified technicians have experience with all brands and can calculate the appropriate size air conditioner for your home.

The outdoor coil wraps around your unit and is made of tightly spaced fins

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