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The Woodlands TX hvac tune up

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FAQ – Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

Homeowners often have several questions about seasonal HVAC tune-up services. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. 

How often do I need to do seasonal maintenance? 

HVAC systems should get tuned up twice a year. In the fall, an expert will check your furnace, and in the spring, your technician will inspect the air conditioner

Why do I need to do seasonal maintenance?

Did you know that maintenance programs prevent over 80% of air conditioning system repairs? Tune-ups extend the lifespan of your AC unit, but there are other benefits, too. 

1. They keep you safe

This may sound overly dramatic, but it’s true. Your outdoor unit is exposed to the elements, including uninvited guests no one wants to think about like wasps, squirrels, mice, rats, etc. Any of these critters can damage wiring or other electrical components. Since your unit cycles all day and night, it’s important to make sure all wiring connections are still secure. 

2. You’ll feel cooler

Is your air conditioner giving you a cool breeze, or is it a little lukewarm these days? It’s possible you’re missing out on some cooler air. In fact, if there is a refrigerant leak or the airflow is blocked, you may not get any cool air.

A system that works efficiently gets you cooler faster. Tune-ups make sure your system has everything it needs so it can easily keep you cool all summer long. 

HVAC maintenance includes testing its overall performance

Seasonal maintenance can lower your electric bill and prevent costly repairs

3. They save you money

Your air conditioner uses so much energy that its costs account for more than half of your electric bill. If your system is running inefficiently, it will use more energy–and you’ll be the one paying for it. The more your AC runs, the more wear and tear it gets.

If your unit’s parts are very worn or broken, the machine will use more energy than it actually needs to heat or cool your home. AC tune-ups make sure each part of your system is working correctly. If something needs to be replaced or repaired, the technician will let you know.

4. Your indoor air quality will be better

AC systems help filter out dust, dirt, pollen, mold, pet dander, and other allergens. Regularly replacing your HVAC filters can help reduce these allergens from building up in your ductwork. However, your HVAC filters can’t catch everything.

During seasonal maintenance, your technician will remove any visible buildup around the filters and grills, as well as the outdoor coil. This helps your air stay fresher and can prevent bacteria and mold from forming in your evaporator coils.

What is included in a maintenance check?

There are many tasks that your technician will perform during a tune-up. Generally, basic tune-ups include inspecting, cleaning, and testing. Here are some examples of what maintenance includes, but you can expect your technician to do even more.

  • Inspect: Filters, ductwork, electrical connections, contacts, controls, refrigerant levels, etc.
  • Clean: Drain line, evaporator coil, condensate pan, outdoor coil, outdoor unit
  • Test: Auxiliary heat operation, air handler operation, defrost operation, thermostat temperature accuracy

It’s already summer. Is it too late for my tune-up?

No, it’s not! While it is best to get your tune-up before you turn on your air conditioner or heater, you can still have it done after you’ve started using them. A late checkup is better than no checkup.

How much does The Woodlands TX hvac tune up cost?

The cost of tune-ups depends on the company and a few other factors. Sometimes home warranties will cover the seasonal maintenance, but warranty companies often have a dispatch fee. However, experts agree that the cost of seasonal maintenance is worth it because it prevents most repairs and extends the life of your unit.

At Go Admiral of The Woodlands, we offer service contracts for maintenance programs. Signing up for a contract has two advantages. We provide a discounted price, and we call you when it’s time to schedule your service. 

For help with The Woodlands TX hvac tune up, give us a call or go online to schedule an appointment today.

Seasonal maintenance can lower your electric bill and prevent costly repairs

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Seasonal maintenance

Houston Admiral of The Woodlands provides seasonal tune-ups to keep your AC unit running smoothly. We know it can be easy to forget your seasonal maintenance, and that’s why we offer convenient service contracts. We will contact you when it’s time for your next tune-up. 

Indoor Air Quality

With all the trees in The Woodlands, TX, it’s no surprise that many locals suffer from allergies. However, some homeowners find themselves still sneezing all the time in the house. 

Your HVAC unit relies on filters to help remove dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens from your air. Higher quality air filters will work to remove the most allergens possible, potentially even viral germs, but sometimes this is still not sufficient. At this point, it may be time to call in an expert.

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The Woodlands Fun Facts

  • The Woodlands was founded in 1974 by George P. Mitchell.
  • Town Center spans 1,000 acres and is a premier spot for dining, shopping, and entertainment in The Woodlands.
  • The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion can seat over 16,000 guests.
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