Heater Repair ExpertsAs the season grows colder, it will be essential to have a functional heater. To ensure your heater keeps you warm this winter, doing proper maintenance is a must.

However, it is common for heaters to break. There’s a lot that goes into keeping a heating system operational. Because heating units are involved, there are professionals there to help.

Houston Admiral has some of the best HVAC services in Houston, TX. For any furnace problems, you can give us a call for speedy service. Here are the most common heating system problems.

Heat Exchanger

A common problem that happens in winter months is a cracked heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is the S-shaped coil in your heating unit. This is what heats the air for your home. A blower takes air from the house and sends it over the heat exchanger to warm the air.

When it cracks, it is because there is a reduction in airflow. This can happen because of several reasons. People will either forget about the filter or close or block air vents. Most people don’t realize when they are reducing airflow to the heat exchanger.

Dirty Filters

The key to keeping a heating system well maintained is to keep it clean. One way to do this is to clean the filters regularly.

Dirty filters will cause your heating system to have to work harder. This can cause your utility bill to swell, costing you more in the long run. It can also damage the limit switch, also making the cost of repairs rise.

Keeping your filter clean is a must if you want to keep your house warm in these winter months.

Blower Belt

If you hear a high pitched squeal from your heater, it could be the blower belt. Not only would this lead to a cold house, but it can cause the heat exchanger to crack.

The blower is a part of the heater that helps keep your heat exchanger cool. If this stops working eventually, so will the heat exchanger when you hear a squeak from your heater, call someone to fix it asap.

Tips to Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter

Keeping warm is as essential to you as it is for your house.

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Heating units can have many problems. These were only a few. Some of the others are pilot control problems, a broken thermostat, worn-out ball bearings, and more. For help with heating repairs, call us at (281) 876-9400 or check out our services.