Tips to Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter

Keeping warm is as essential to you as it is for your house.

As the winter months roll in, many will be relying on their furnace to stay warm this season. The last thing you need when temperatures become unbearably cold is a broken furnace.

One way to make sure it stays working is to keep the heat exchanger from cracking. However, homeowners tend to do something that can cause this problem: reducing airflow in the furnace.

There are three things that can cause a reduction in airflow within the furnace. But for starters, let’s look at why this cracks the heat exchanger.

What Is It?

In the furnace is an S-shaped coil. That is the heat exchanger. It is the part that heats your air. A blower pulls air from the house and passes it over the coil warming the atmosphere.

How It Cracks

Without enough air from the home blowing over the heat exchanger, it will overheat, expand, and crack.

It is similar to when you have a pan on a hot stove. If there’s nothing in the pan for the pan to heat, then it will get damaged. This is what happens with the heat exchanger. Instead of food or water, it needs enough air to keep it from breaking.

Three Ways Homeowners Accidentally Reduce Air Flow

There are a few ways to reduce airflow. Most of them aren’t apparent until after something happens. Often homeowners do these things on accident.

How does this happen? Here’s how:

  • Forgetting about the furnace filter- The more clogged the filter gets, the more difficult it is to push air through the heat exchanger.


  • Closing air supply vents- You can add pressure to your duct system by closing off the vents. The blower is only able to work against specific amounts of stress. The more pressure that is in the system, the slower your blower will function. That means it is pulling less air over the heat exchanger.


  • Putting drapes or furniture over vents- This is similar to closing the air vents. By blocking the vents, it increases the pressure in the duct system. Most homeowners don’t realize this when decorating.

Maintenance and Repairs

One way to ensure your heating system stays functional this season is to take care of the equipment. Routine maintenance is one way to keep your system happy. However, in the event that something does break, give us a call, (281) 876-9400.