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Do you know what chemicals evaporate easily at room temperature thus causing us allergies? Organic Compounds Tomball Tx are chemicals that contain carbon. These compounds are associated with an odor while at other times there is an undetectable odor. Admiral is here for all of your air purification needs. These can be harmful and there are thousands of different compounds that are produced and used in our daily lives.

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Sources of volatile organic compounds

Many paints and varnishes produce a gas that can be easily taken in. The result is your body rejected this gas and causing symptoms similar to being allergic. Air fresheners, believe it or not, can sometimes disturb the body in a way that will inflame symptoms. Some more Organic Compounds Tomball Tx include cleaning chemicals. Our everyday products that are used throughout the home will produce a gas that not everyone can tolerate.

These compound levels are higher in indoor air than outdoor air. In fact, some studies have shown that indoor Organic Compounds Tomball Tx levels are 2 to 5 times higher than outdoors. The levels will vary depending on the following

  1. The volume of air in the room
  2. The rate at which the compounds are off-gassed
  3. The building ventilation rate
  4. Outdoor concentrations
  5. Time spent in the affected environment

Health Risks

Exposure to these compounds can cause your eyes to be irritated and water. You will feel a constant itch in your nose. Hoarseness might be the result of these compounds in your home. More chronic effects include anything from liver damage to cancer. While this might sound far-fetched, Admiral is here to help you combat these issues. Your quality of life should be a priority. If you do not feel good then you will not be productive at home much less at work.

If you have respiratory problems such as asthma then you might be more susceptible to illness from exposure to these chemicals. In addition to an Organic Compounds Tomball Tx resolution, you can take steps to reduce levels of these compounds within the home.

  • control climate
  • look for charcoal filtration air cleaners
  • remove unused chemicals from the home
  • use environmentally responsible cleaning products

The Admiral Promise

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