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What is the definition of ozone? Did you know it is a gas? Ozone molecules have three oxygen atoms unlike the oxygen in the air that gives life to the earth. Ozone Generators Magnolia Tx has so much power because the extra oxygen atom can easily escape and attach to other substances. This is the reality of allergies and asthma after a reactive quality can alter the chemical composition of substances in the air. This affects our cells if we breathe it in and thus, we have potential health risks surface.

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Shock the Air

To remove ozone from the air you essentially need to shock the air that exists in your residential or commercial environment. That is where Ozone Generators Magnolia Tx from Houston Admiral comes in. These air purifiers take in oxygen from the air and give it a strong electrical charge. This charge allows the oxygen molecules to rearrange themselves and form O3. The ozone is released from the generator into the air, as a result, will attach itself to molecules of the pollutant and eliminate it.

Houston Admiral supply these generators which can be useful for cleaning pungent odors and eliminating mold. These systems are often used in commercials buildings like hospitals and hotels. If a residential or commercial building has a problem with fungus or pests then an ozone generator is the answer. Toxic mold often hides inside walls after there has been any kind of water damage, that is where Houston Admiral’s Ozone Generators Magnolia Tx will benefit you. What else do ozone generators kill?

Killing Odor

Generators of this magnitude will kill microbes, bacteria, and viruses. Many people think their immune systems are low when the air quality in their home is the real culprit. Houston Admiral understands that homeowners spend at least 90% of their time at home which is why air quality control is vital if you want to stay healthy. Symptoms of poor air quality are rarely diagnosed correctly because homeowners think it is their immune system. Have you ever noticed that your symptoms don’t begin until after you spend time inside your home?

Your pet will add odor to the air through wet hair, urine, and feces. These odors will penetrate carpets and upholstery where they cannot be removed. It does not matter how much you vacuum or even treat your carpet with a deep cleaning. Ozone Generators Magnolia Tx will attack the molecules that hold these odors and break them up thus eliminating the pet smell.

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Ozone Generators Magnolia Tx come with remote controls and can even be controlled by your smartphone. At full power, the generator can be programmed to provide high-level ozone shock treatment in rooms that are musty from disuse. The ozone shock feature can be programmed for a single room for up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted ozone production.

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