Our blog posts are designed to bring awareness and informative advice on how to deal with some of the problems that people deal with over their AC units day to day. The results can be very beneficial for many and it can even point out problems that may have not been known beforehand. To keep our clients safe, cool, and in good financial standing, we want to give them as much support as possible. To do so, we have a few points to mention which may help you lower your expenses when the stifling summer heat arrives.

Set The Right Temperature

There have actually been studies done which have determined the best temperature to use in your home which ensures optimum comfort. The first thing to consider is how low the room temperature really needs to be. Relative to the heat outside, your AC unit is only supposed to drop about 20 degrees lower. So in cases of 100+ temperature, you may only need to keep the temperature at 80-84 inside.

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Why Is Good Air Conditioning Important?

This will ensure that the machine is not working so hard and can maintain efficient results during the summer time. The benefit is both direct, and also for long term service. This is preferred over forcing your unit to work harder only to then break down in the future.

Use A Humidifier

One of the best ways to help control heat and make it feel cooler is to control humidity. While the AC unit is meant to help mitigate this issue on its own, it can only handle so much. There is a better way to deal with the humidity, though. Instead of dealing with the incredibly high humidity levels on your own, get a humidifier.

The humidifier can control the Houston moisture levels that increase heat index. As they say, it is always cooler when it is a dry heat. This will help immensely when your machine is operating at 80 degrees because it can make the room appear cooler when there is less buildup in humidity within the house.

Find & Block Heat Sources

One other factor to keep in mind is the effects of other parts in your home. By this, we mean the dangers of open windows or loose door frames. The worst problems can come from insulation issues that are causing your attic temperatures to sky-rocket. Making sure that all of the open airways are closed off and your attic is better insulated can create a far more inviting atmosphere for your AC to operate in.

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The importance of proper air conditioning in the summer cannot be stressed enough!

Make sure to contact us if you are looking to get your home energy efficient for the long summer months. We can inspect your home and point out any issues that may be directly causing problems for your AC unit.

This way, we can then focus on the efficiency of your air-conditioner without worrying about any external inefficiencies. You can speak with one of our representatives about any of this information, too. Of course, if you wish to inquire about other aspects of your home air-conditioning that you want to address, we’re able to help with this also!