Ironically, there is an issue with AC units freezing in the summertime. It is an issue that arises from a number of different variables. Making sure that all of them are addressed and the proper precautions are made is critical if you want to have cool air all summer long.

What we say freezing, there might be a little confusion over what that means exactly. We aim to clear out any misconceptions and convey solutions to our clients. Our blog post will clarify what freezing is and how to keep it from happening. If you ever feel like you need more information, simply give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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What Does “Freezing” Mean?

When your evaporator coils cannot reach the water, then the air will not be heated. Believe it or not, all air in the AC unit is intended to be frozen right off the bat. It is only when the coolant is met by the evaporator coils that the water is heated and the air temperature is regulated. If there are issues with this, then the AC unit will freeze and the water will not be evaporated. It could damage your system, and otherwise create a stoppage in cool air.

Why Do AC Units Freeze?

The main reasons for AC units freezing is a result of one of two issues. It can be from both sides of the machine’s function. By this, we mean that you could either have a clogged and stopped-up air filter or low refrigerant fluid. If the hot air cannot reach the water then the evaporator coils will not be able to interact with the water and it will freeze. Alternatively, if there is low coolant, your machine could experience similar adverse effects.

The Best Ways To Prevent Freezing 

That’s why we absolutely recommend having a repairman keep an eye out for this. You can do a filter change on your own if you wish, it is a simple procedure that can make a huge difference in the quality of the air you’re receiving.

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Of course, a check on the coolant must definitely be taken out by a repairman. This is due to the noxious and potentially lethal fumes from coolants. That is why a professional has to oversee the changing out of your coolant. Even the checking of the content must be monitored because they have to follow regulations to the most minute measurements.

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