Quality AC Services From the Best

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Quality AC Services for the Community

When you live in Houston then you understand the value of getting an AC device that works. Houston’s weather is erratic, with exceptionally long and humid summers, as well as being accompanied by short and cold winters. If you have issues with your AC network, hiring a qualified AC service, such as Houston Admiral, is your best bet.

As a family-owned and operated company, we are confident of our ability to provide you with the thorough and attentive services you need. When you choose Houston Admiral, you can count on quality work and excellent customer service.

When you are in need of premium AC contractors, do not hesitate to make a call to Houston Admiral. We believe in consistency and performance. Consequently, you will find that our services conform to the highest standards in the industry. Thanks to our team of professional and experienced technicians, we are able to provide premium air services, like:

  • AC installment
  • AC replacement
  • Furnace repairs
  • Furnace replacements
  • Heating repair
  • Heating tune-up
  • Air filtration
  • Heating maintenance
  • Attic insulation…and much more!
Quality AC Services From the Best

The little things can make a big difference. Schedule your AC repairs today.

Our Heating and Cooling department works tirelessly and faithfully to ensure that our customers are in good shape with cooling and heating systems. We’ll, therefore, help you make your home as clean and as comfortable as possible. Our services include working on all aspects of fixing, installing, removing, cleaning, servicing and troubleshooting of parts.

However, our services are provided by and under the guidance of Houston’s certified and professional air conditioning experts. A dedication to excellence is part of why we’re seeking out the best technicians. We have professional AC technicians who can work with your home or office. We also support you by carrying a large supply of various labels and models.

Whether you need to upgrade your equipment, or just need a tune-up, we are the company for the job. Houston Admiral can be reached by calling (281) 876-9400. In addition, just click here to learn more about our business!