Houston Admiral knows that your air ducts are essential to quality air control. We provide services designed to keep your air ducts clean, so your family can enjoy high-quality air for longer. However, knowing when to clean your air ducts is not something that you can determine based on one thing. Houston Admiral prevents your air ducts from becoming inoperable by maintaining its quality and effectiveness.

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How to Determine if You Need to Clean Your Air Duct

The best circumstances that may require air duct cleaning are if there is a considerable amount of mold present inside your duct or around it. Some areas of your cooling or heating system may not be accessible for you to inspect yourself. In that event, Houston Admiral has the tools to get to those sections and check it for you. It’s also essential to remember that while something may look like mold, there’s always a chance that it’s not. To make sure that you’re looking at mold, call us to determine the substance. Additionally, if you have insulated air ducts and the insulation becomes wet and moldy, then replacing the entire system may be the only way to remove the mold.

You may also need your air ducts cleaned if you discover vermin in them. Insects and rodents can leave harmful droppings behind, and if they die, then their carcasses can pollute your air. On top of vermin and mold, merely having an excess amount of dust and debris can put a severe strain on your ducts. Cleaning can prevent build-up like this from affecting your indoor air control. The safest bet is to call Houston Admiral to service your air ducts. Keeping your ducts clean will ensure that they will last longer and provide better results. If your air ducts are not producing your usual results, then there’s no better time to get Houston Admiral to check them than now.

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Houston Admiral dedicates their time and efforts to ensure that your air ducts are up to date and of the highest standards. When you service your home, we make sure that every issue is taken care of or at least made aware of for our next service. Call us at (281) 876-9400 or find us online for more information. Let Houston Admiral give you the gift of clean air this winter, and enjoy your days and nights.