Are you currently having problems with your air conditioning unit? If so, you might be interested in the services of Houston Admiral. We are an AC repair and installation company serving the Houston area since the 1990s. All of our years of experience have given us the knowledge required to provide the highest quality of service possible. Our team of experienced and reliable experts is fully capable of dealing with all kinds of AC unit problems. Above all, we are very committed to excellent customer service. When you decide to go with Houston Admiral, you can expect the highest quality of service available.

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Preparing For Incoming Summer

In case you were not aware, summer is fast approaching. As a result, you will need to prepare for the extreme heat and humidity that will soon take over the city. Fortunately, Houston Admiral is capable of getting your AC unit in great shape. The benefits of good air conditioning are more significant than you might think.

Significance of Good Air Conditioning

Apart from staying in cool in extreme heat, there are many other reasons for having good air conditioning. You’d be surprised by how many benefits come from having a properly working AC unit. With our services, you can rest easy knowing that your AC unit will be in tip-top shape. Nobody should be subject to extreme heat without the help of a working AC unit.

According to the National Data Climatic Center, as of 2015, 14 of 15 hottest years on record have been in the 21st century. This shows the trend of increasing heat. With the increase in heat, there is also an increase in the dangers that come with it. A recent study showed that over 9,000 Americans died as a result of heat from 1979 to 2013, a figure that still doesn’t capture the severity of the problem. Stay safe from these health issues by staying cool with an efficient air conditioning unit.

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Importance of Proper Air Conditioning

An efficient AC unit will properly filter and circulate air, removing pollutants and mold in the process. This feature of AC units is especially helpful for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. With an efficient AC unit, you will minimize the irritants that could possibly trigger an attack.

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