There are many Signs To Repair Your HVAC Unit, and when you notice them, it’s best not to ignore the problem. If you do, you’re risking further damage to your system, which will result in more repairs costing you more money. The team at Houston Admiral can offer you greater repair services at great rates. If you notice any of the following signs, don’t wait to give us a call.

Signs To Repair Your HVAC Unit

Weak airflow, high energy bills, and strange sounds are just some common signs that your HVAC system needs replacing. Depending on how long the issue has been present or which issues your system presents will be a good indicator of how severe the problem is.

Strange Sounds

On the whole, most heating and air condition units make some level of sound when in operation. If your system is turned on and you hear a low hum, this is nothing to be worried about. However, if you have recently noticed louder, sudden, or unusual sounds, this may mean something has gone wrong.

The type of noise you hear can be a good indicator of what the problem is. Buzzing and rattling could point to a part being loose. Whereas grinding and whistling could be the result of a much more serious issue. To determine the cause of such a sound, you’ll need the expertise of a professional repair service. The team at Houston Admiral has years of experience and can perform a thorough inspection to find the root of the problem.

Poor Air Quality

If your AC unit is experiencing weak airflow or hot air, this could be a sign that something needs repairing. If your system expels warm air even when it’s set to cool, then the issue could be due to restricted airflow. Insufficient airflow is also a sign that your system is experience difficulties. This could be due to a clogged duct, clogged air filter, or a broken motor bearing.

No matter which issues your system is experiencing, it will have a negative effect on your house’s air quality. Make sure you contact Houston Admiral to get the problem resolved imminently. That way, you and your family can experience your air condition system properly.

High Energy Bill

If your energy bill has suddenly skyrocketed, there will be a reason for this. The previously mentioned issues can all lead to a higher bill as your system won’t be running as efficiently as it once was. This will result in higher energy use, causing an increase in your energy bill. Of course, there could be other reasons for a higher energy bill, for example, dirty air filters or duct leaks. However, they are all due to the same core issue; repair jobs are needed.

If you want to avoid another high energy bill from sneaking up on you, make sure you contact Houston Admiral today.

Signs To Repair Your HVAC Unit

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