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Are you searching for a Spring TX Ac repair company? Houston Admiral is a professional and prestigious AC repair company that has been servicing the Spring area for years. We are one of the most highly-rated AC repair companies in the area and offer our services with a smile. We service both businesses and individuals. If your AC requires repair (whether immediately or in the future), then we’re the best Spring TX AC Repair Company to call.

Why your AC might need repairs

Your AC might be needing repairs for multiple reasons. Debris or trash may have possibly gotten stuck in the unit

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Your AC Unit might need repairs if you begin hearing weird noises or the air quality appears to be much lower than before.

itself, thus damaging it. This problem can be fixed easily on your own by removing the objects stuck in the unit and readjusting the gears. However, that is not the only reason your AC unit might be needing a repair. Some signs that you need to replace or repair your unit are if you are hearing weird noises from your unit, if your energy bill is really high, or if you notice a change in the overall air quality.

One of the most noticeable trends in AC repairs is that AC units tend to break down after consistent use. Consistent use of AC units usually occurs during times when the weather gets really hot. Especially in somewhere like Texas, temperatures can rise way above 90°F. The heat in Texas has many homeowners opting to run their AC units all day long for the entirety of summer. While there is nothing inherently wrong with running your AC this frequently, there are problems that will arise if your AC unit is not adequately taken care of. 

Not to mention that many people forget to take care of their AC unit. Understandably, this happens because the overwhelming majority of AC units are located outside of homes and typically out of sight. It’s just one of those things that people don’t think about as often.

Proper maintenance

You might also suspect that your AC unit needs repair, not because it isn’t running, but because it’s simply just not cooling the way it used to. AC systems that stop cooling at their maximum efficiency are usually hindered by one reason or another. Luckily for you, these reasons are pretty minor and easily fixable. Some of them include:

  • Old filters that need to be replaced. If you don’t replace your filters, the AC unit will have to work extra hard to push air into your home. The AC unit will have to work extra hard because it has to push air through piles of dust and pollen stuck on your filters. To help prevent this from happening, change your filters as soon as they start accumulating buildup. You may also want to purchase higher-quality filters, as they last longer than low-quality filters. 
  • Your AC unit might be low on refrigerant. Refrigerant is what cools down the air that blows through your home. Make sure that it is full and actually able to cool before labeling your AC unit as broken. The condenser coils also need to be cleaned. Condenser coils release the hot air from your refrigerant into the atmosphere.
  • The motors in your AC unit are not well lubricated. Proper lubrication ensures that your unit is running smoothly and the parts are not grinding on each other. Proper lubrication also helps make sure that your AC unit is not getting stuck or working too hard. If your unit does either, it could break down.

Learn more tips on how to maintain and repair your AC unit here.

Benefits of properly caring for your AC unit

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A properly maintained AC unit will help cool your house down more efficiently during the hot Texas summers.

Many benefits come from taking good care of your AC unit. A properly maintained AC unit will last much longer than one that is neglected. This comes in handy when you have to run your AC for long periods of time. You’ll feel the bulk of the benefits during the long stretch that is Texas’ summertime. With an efficient and maintained system, you can keep your AC unit running for as long as you desire. You might even find that you won’t have to keep your unit running for a long time as well. If your AC unit is in top shape, it’ll be working much more efficiently. In the end, you might not need to keep it on for hours after all. 

In addition to cooling your house, maintaining a healthy AC unit helps keep the air quality in your home clean and safe. As mentioned earlier, dust and pollen can accumulate in your system and vents if filters are not changed regularly. Pollutants that buildup in your system will cause numerous health risks for those who stay at your house. These risks may include allergies, asthma, trouble breathing, and more. In addition, viruses and bacteria can make their home in old and dirty AC units. Airborne bacteria and viruses are unable to be seen with the human eye. Over time, these pollutants that circulate in the air of your home can cause more health problems that may even last for a long time.

The best Spring TX AC repair company

Working with the right AC repair company in your area is vital to ensuring that your AC unit stays in top shape for as long as it can. When searching for a company, look for the services that they provide and at what rates.

At Houston Admiral, you get all of that. We are a family-owned business that has been in the industry for years now and proudly offer our services to both companies and individuals. We employ only certified and customer-oriented

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Houston Admiral is one of the leading AC repair companies in the area.

individuals with extensive knowledge in the field. You can trust that our workers know how to treat your AC units with the best quality care. They’ll even give you additional advice on how to prevent damage to your AC units.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Please take a look at the reviews from the previous customers we’ve worked with. We’re even happy to announce that we won the 2019 BBB Award of Excellence! 

In addition to working with your AC, we also offer several other services. These include AC installations, heat pump repairs, thermostat installations, air quality checks, furnace repairs and installations, and much more. Our business hours are 8 am- 5 pm M-F, but we also offer 24/7 emergency repair services at NO extra charge. Our business services all across the Houston area, so if you aren’t in Spring, no need to worry!

So go ahead and give us a call now or visit here to make an appointment with us. We’re the most dependable Spring TX AC repair company around, and we’d be more than happy to work with you. 

About Spring, TX

  • Sugar Cane and Cotton were the two most abundant cash crops in Spring before the 1900s. 
  • The original city of Spring, TX is now known as Old Town Spring.
  • Spring is actually not an incorporated city, but rather a “Census Designated Place” (CDP). 
  • Learn more about Spring here.