Houston Admiral knows how important indoor air quality is for homes and businesses. There are a number of different reasons why your indoor air quality may be so bad. Hair, dust, dirt, pollen, pet hair, and other types of pollutants can cause major issues in the respiratory system.

You may experience a variety of symptoms from poor indoor air quality. You can find a list of symptoms below.

  • Dry or irritated eyes, nose or throat
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Allergies
  • Congestion
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

Many of these symptoms are common with other diseases, so you may not suspect poor air quality right away. However, air quality is something you should greatly consider. It plays a vital role in your everyday life. The poor air quality will lead to fatigue, drowsiness, and even worse conditions. In turn, these symptoms lead to greater problems at work or school.

Aerus Technology

Aerus Air Scrubber

The quality of your air is important, and Houston Admiral trusts in the technology Aerus is developing. With more than 90 years of experience, Aerus is creating technology used in people’s homes and the astronauts at NASA. One of their most revolutionary and beneficial pieces of technology is the air scrubber.

Air scrubbers draw air from the nearby area and remove pollutants from it. These pollutants include particles, hair, gasses, chemicals, and pollen. The air scrubber will remove these air pollutants in order to make the air purer. In the case of Aerus’ air scrubber, it is attached to an air duct, so air passes through.

Aerus’ technology also has capabilities of removing odors, visible smoke within the air, and microbial populations on surfaces. The Aerus air scrubber uses ActivePure® Technolgy, which utilizes a special UV light to target pollutants. If you are interested in the Aerus air scrubber, then contact Houston Admiral today.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

You can improve the quality of your air with the Aerus air scrubber. Contact Houston Admiral today by calling (281) 876-9400. Our team can install the Aerus air scrubber in your home. We can even install this technology in apartments and HVAC systems with accessible air ducts. This technology meets the needs of astronauts, so it can certainly meet the needs of your home or business.