The Benefits Of 24-Hour AC Service

Long-term exposure to pollutants in your home can be the cause of your asthma and allergies. Houston Admiral can help install carbon air filters in you Spring, Tx home. When you do this, you will see large improvements in your overall health. Breath easier in your home by improving your air quality.

Issues That Can Arise While You’re Asleep

There are plenty of air conditioning problems that can occur. Many of them are simple and easily fixable. However, what if they happen in the middle of the night? It could be in the middle of summer or in the bleak mid-winter when temperatures are at their most extreme. You’d be surprised at how much work your unit is doing at night. Sleeping comfortably comes at a cost, but we don’t notice until the comfort is gone. Imagine if this were at work, then products that need cooling would start going bad! It could be a catastrophe.

AC Repair The Woodlands TX

Without immediate help, this would be the start of a terrible week. You’re unable to continue working, and if it’s at home, you aren’t able to get back to sleep comfortably because you’re either sweating or shivering. Plus, if you get service from another AC company, you might have to wait a few days to get the repairmen out to your location. That won’t be the case with Houston Admiral, though. A broken-down AC can happen at any time,  cause all kinds of problems. That’s why we want to ensure that you can get repairs at any time, too!

You can call us at all hours of the night and get consultations and repairs for your unit. This will protect you from having to deal with the issue for the rest of the day, or even the night. You could end up going back to sleep with a working unit if all goes properly. That is a great feature of our service, no matter what time it is, you’ll get excellent customer care.

A Fast Response Time

At Houston Admiral, we take pride in our 24-hour service. Our emergency service technicians are available at all times so that your business does not suffer and nor do you. This will come as a relief to employees and homeowners alike.

Service Contracts Make A Difference!

Houston Admiral offers their service contracts with great pride. We are happy to be accountable for the yearly maintenance needs of your HVAC system. The result could avert a breakdown and keep your unit working all throughout the year. It can greatly reduce the possibility of a midnight failure to ever occur. Our company has served commercial buildings from strip malls to churches, and we provide the same quality to residential locations, too.

Houston TX Air Conditioner Maintenance

We proudly offer Ruud products!

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