There are plenty of different AC units on the market, but you won’t


There are many building materials in your home that can cause indoor air pollutants. Contact Go Admiral for more information on how to clean the air in your home or business.

find any other option as deep and rich in history like this. Their quality speaks for over 100 years of service, and they have been continuously leading the market for about the same time. Carrier is a premium level air conditioning unit and Houston Go Admiral is fully certified to offer it.

What Benefits Does It Provide?

Now, you can get your own Carrier AC unit installed in your home. They are going to be one of the best options on the market for energy efficiency and controlled cooling. You will not find a more impressive unit. Every Carrier AC has been made with less harmful refrigerants and quieter acoustics during the cooling performance.

Our infinity series is one of the quietest ever to hit the market, and with the GreenSpeed intelligence, it offers you total control over the cooling of your home. This is just one step closer to the totally digital world of the future. Now that you have the ability to keep control of the air conditioner at just a finger press away, life will be a cool, breezy dream.

This means that your AC will no longer be radiating the pollutants that were used as refrigerant before the turn of the 21st century which you might find in older models. Additionally, even when it’s working at full speed you won’t be hearing the loud and very obnoxious sounds of the motor from the AC unit anymore. We can ensure that cooling for your house will maintain the most comforting and non-invasive levels. That’s why Houston Admiral advocates these units, after all!

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The Carrier will bring your home the best quality air with regulation for perfection. Don’t worry about the strong summer heatwaves or the long harrowing winters. It won’t phase you a single bit, not when you’ve got a Carrier unit working for you. Their history speaks for the durability and quality that they exude.

Plus, with one of our service agreements, you really won’t have to touch the machine at all. Contact us at (281) 876-9400, otherwise, feel free to visit any of our locations. Houston Go Admiral is looking forward to working with you! Be sure to check out our special offers as well to help save yourself some money!