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A heat pump and furnace may sound like very similar devices, and that is because they are. These units aim to achieve the same goal but in different ways. Many homeowners may not know the differences between the two machines. Moreover, these devices have their own pros and cons.

Regardless of what you own, Houston Admiral is capable of repairing, installing, and maintaining your unit. Our team of technicians is friendly, professional, efficient. If you are a new homeowner, then you may not be sure if you have a furnace or heat pump. No worries, Houston Admiral can identify the system used to heat your home.


A furnace uses fuel such as electricity or natural gas to heat a home. The heat is created within the system itself and is blown through the ductwork of the house. There are some major differences in the type of furnace you have, but they all do the same thing. Furnaces are the most popular way of heating a home in the United States.

heat pump

A heat pump sits outside of your home to draw air into the home.


Heat Pump

Heat pumps do not rely on fuel to create heat. Instead, the pump draws air from outside to heat the home. It doesn’t develop any heat of its own, and so the process of heating a house is slower. Heat pumps can also work in conjunction with an air conditioning unit to fill the house with cold air. Heat pumps are more popular in places with mild winters.

The Pros and Cons of Both

One major advantage furnaces have over heat pumps is they have less moving parts. The moving parts a device has, the more likely it can break down. Furthermore, the furnace will have a longer life span than a heat pump. However, a furnace will also require you to have an air conditioning unit, unlike the heat pump.

That said, heat pumps are more energy-efficient. Heat pumps are also less expensive to install. Furnaces are known to be loud machines, while heat pumps are much quieter. Heat pumps act as furnaces and air conditioning so that homeowners can save money. Heat pumps are only for those who do not mind cooler air. The air will be warmer from what is outside, but not as hot as air from a furnace.

Heat Pump or Furnace?

It is entirely up to the homeowner if they want a furnace or heat pump. There are advantages and negatives for both types of devices. If you have questions about either device, get in touch with Houston Admiral by calling (281) 876-9400. Be sure to visit the residential heating and cooling services page to find more about what we can do?