Healthcare facilities play vital roles in caring for a variety of patients. Facilities must remain clean in order to prevent additional infections and the spread of disease. Surprisingly, the air quality of the facility is a big factor in the infection rate. The lack of humidity can cause infections to spread faster through the air.

Houston Admiral wants to help healthcare facilities maintain proper humidity levels and prevent the spread of disease. Our team is capable of inspecting your facility’s HVAC system. We can even review your overall air quality in order to provide cleaner solutions. Here are some ways air quality affects healthcare facilities.

Airborne Infections

Viruses such as the influenza strain can spread through the air. The strain can be found in aerosols, which are liquid droplets. These droplets are automatically dispersed when you speak, cough, sneeze, or even breathe. Low humidity areas allow aerosols to linger within the air longer. They will also travel further distances than a humid area would allow.


Keeping the humidity level between 40 and 60% is beneficial for healthcare facilities.

Indoor humidity should be kept between 40 and 60%. The rate of infection will go down while in this range. This humidity range will ensure the droplets have a faster settling rate, and fewer people are infected.

Infection Rate

The rate of infection can greatly increase within a healthcare facility if the humidity level is not appropriate. If there is a greater demand for healthcare, then facilities are not ready to handle all of the patients. Proper humidity levels lead to a greater rate of infection.

Equipment Protection

Healthcare facilities are full of crucial pieces of equipment that help keep people alive and improve the lives of many. For that reason, the humidity levels will determine how much electrostatic buildup can occur. The static discharge could potentially damage this essential equipment. Proper humidity levels will keep the environment at the right level to reduce the electrostatic shocks as much as possible.

Houston Admiral Air Quality

Houston Admiral can help your healthcare facility find the proper humidity levels. We can also help remove pollutants from your facility wit the NASA-used Aerus air scrubber. Aerus designs and produces state-of-the-art air purifying technologies. So, call us at (281) 876-9400. You can also learn more about our commercial HVAC services on our website.