Indoor air quality is essential when living in a home. You, your family, and pet could be in danger if you do not keep your air conditioning, furnace, or air ducts clean. Each of these units has essential parts that can significantly affect how your air quality is in your home.

If you have not cleaned your air ducts in some time or replaced the filter in your AC, then you may be breathing bacteria into your lungs. There are terrible effects of breathing in pathogens, which is why you should keep your air as clean as possible.

Short and Long Term Effects

Certain bacteria or pathogens may show up immediately after breathing it in over a short time. If you are consistently experiencing irritated eyes, itchy nose, headaches, sore throat, or dizziness, then you may be suffering from poor air quality. These symptoms are common with many other issues, but they may reveal the quality of your air.

Houston Admiral Air Quality

Keep your air quality clean to prevent asthma or reduce asthma effects.

Furthermore, your air quality could significantly affect people in the home that has breathing problems. Asthma is a common breathing issue that poor air quality can greatly affect. Poor air quality can even cause asthma if the quality is not improved. Parents will need to ensure their homes air quality when raising their children.

Other long term effects include other respiratory diseases,  heart disease, and even cancer. Air quality is something that should never be overlooked or pushed at the bottom of your list. It can affect how your family develops over time.

Reasons for Poor Air Quality

There are many reasons your air quality is poor, and most of them are most likely, not your fault. Factors like smoking or fuel-burning combustion appliances are things you need to consider when improving air quality. However, the other factors are not under your control. It may be caused by outside pollution, pesticides, deteriorating building materials, or excess moisture. These issues will cause poor air quality in your home, which is why you need to give Houston Admiral a call today.

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