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What Causes Your AC to Freeze

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about maintenance until an object fails or needs to be replaced. Preventive maintenance keeps everyone out of the dark when it comes to issues that may arise with complex machinery. Here at Go Admiral, not only do we provide some of the best HVAC systems you can find, but we also help you prevent spending a lot of money on repairs.

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A Few Tips on Beginning the Execution of a Preventive Maintenance Plan

A preventive maintenance program begins with strategic planning. Technicians are expected to focus on scheduling inspections and maintenance assets before breakdowns take place. The best way to predict the future is with a precise record of events the machine has already experienced. This can take a lot of time and effort, but it is always worth it. Furthermore, if you acquire the right tools for the job, you will be able to track what you need with simplicity.

Generally speaking, a successful preventive maintenance program delivers the following: increased productivity and lower costs. Fundamentally, you save a lot of money and end up stressing less at the end. Therefore, you will be ahead of any issues that may occur. Read further to get a grasp on how to create a successful preventive maintenance plan for your next project.

Creating the Plan

Upon beginning any preventive maintenance plan, there are a few things that must be put in place. First, it is always essential to establish who will be involved in the preventive maintenance project. Also, ensure that you know who will fulfill what role. Therefore, it is crucial that staff members are fully invested in developing the program so that maintenance can be implemented effectively.


The most time-consuming part of executing a preventive maintenance program involves analyzing a facility and creating a list of relevant equipment. Although it’s quite a time-consuming, it is essential that preventive checks are routinely made on key operational equipment. There is no way you create a plan to maintain if you don’t know exactly what you have.

As a part of this task, it is imperative that you record the equipment make, model, serial numbers, specifications, asset identification numbers, and fixed locations. Finally, ensure that you document the current location of assets that have been physically tagged.

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