Furnace Replacement and Repair

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As the winter season starts to come in, heaters become essential to maintaining a comfortable home.

Having a reliable heater is a way you can stay healthy and take care of your house. Here are some ways to prevent your heater from breaking down.

Program The Thermostat

As the weather begins to change throughout the Houston area, its time to change the thermostat settings. Switch from cooling to heating and confirm it is working properly.

If you would like even more control over your home’s heating, you can upgrade to a smart thermostat. Login anywhere and everywhere, using Wi-Fi to adjust the thermostat settings. Many models also have energy reports that will help you ensure your heater is working as it should.

Clean The Vents

Just like anything, it is important to keep your heating system clean. Cleanliness is a way to maintain a furnace’s functionality. This includes vents in your home.

As vents accumulate dirt and dust, it will keep air from being pushed through. This will cause your heater to work harder than it should to keep you warm. As a result, your energy bill could be higher, and it can lead to a breakdown.

To avoid these potential issues, remove the vent cover and dust the area or vacuum if necessary. The cleaner the vents are, the more air can be pushed through and over the heat exchanger. With enough air pouring through the system, it will keep the heat exchanger from cracking.

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Routine Maintenance

Sometimes, your heating system will need more maintenance than regular cleaning. Filters may need to be changed, and bolts may need to be tightened.

No matter how new or old your heating system is, having routine maintenance will increase its longevity. Schedule a tune-up with your local technician and include inspections as well.

Scheduling these checkups before temperatures drop will keep your furnace running smoothly as the weather grows colder.

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