Generally speaking, heating and air conditioning equipment come with a limited warranty. When the warranty expires, consumers have the option of purchasing an extended warranty from the system’s contractor. One thing you should note is how important HVAC warranties are and what scenarios could void them.

Importance of HVAC Warranties

Each manufacturer establishes its own set of warranties for their equipment. Generally speaking, though, all warranties share some similar characteristics. Here are some of them:

Tips on Keeping Your HVAC Warranty

Tips on Keeping Your HVAC Warranty

  • Manufacturer warranties will only cover parts and are only honored if a licensed HVAC contractor deems the defect as the cause of the problem.
  • Parts warranties only cover large components of the system. This excludes air filters, fan belts, electrical wiring, and lubrication. Manufactures expect buyers to maintain these parts with the help of a qualified professional
  • Manufacturers rarely offer combined parts and labor warranties as they can’t control how the equipment is installed and maintained
  • You can actually purchase labor and extended parts warranties from the contractor that installed your system. Even more, by combining with the original manufacturer warranty, you’ll enjoy great long-term protection, in addition to savings in the case that something goes wrong with your system.

How to Prevent Voiding Your HVAC Warranty

Wondering if a service contract is worth it? Well, the truth is that a service contract actually goes hand in hand with warranties. Why? Well, most warranties only remain valid if you acquire services for your system from a certified HVAC contractor. Furthermore, scheduled tune-ups are great in avoiding the hassle associated with unexpected breakdowns. They also help catch problems early, helping consumers avoid unnecessary repairs. Service contracts are also great for keeping your systems running efficiently, consequently keeping your energy bills low. Here are some things to avoid in order to keep your HVAC warranty valid:

Certified and Responsive Technicians

Certified and Responsive Technicians

  • Failing to follow through with the registration process
  • Purchasing replacement parts from a different company
  • Not installing the equipment properly
  • Neglecting to service the system annually
  • Failing to keep proper records

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