What are Airborne Sicknesses

Have you ever wondered, What are Airborne Sicknesses and how they can impact your life? Airborne sicknesses are diseases that you can catch by sampling breathing the air. These sicknesses can spread when someone who is already sick coughs, sneezes, talks, or spews nasal and throat secretions into the air. Certain viruses or bacteria hang in the air or land on people and this is how airborne sicknesses are spread. Because these diseases travel in the air, they are hard to control. And there are many types of airborne sicknesses you can get.

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Types of Airborne Sicknesses

  • The Common Cold

Millions of cases of the common cold occur each year in the United States. Research shows that adults will get a common cold at least two or three times a year. And children tend to get cold between five to six times a year. And the most common way the common cold is spread is through the air we are breathing.

  • Influenza

Most of us have had experience with the flu. This sickness spread so easily because it is contagious about a day before you even start to notice the symptoms. And then it remains contagious for another five to seven days. Once again, this sickness is spread most easily through the air we are breathing.

  • A whooping Cough

This respiratory sickness causes swelling of the airways that result in persistent coughing. And because you are constantly coughing those germs are getting into the air. Which makes it almost impossible for others to breathe in the germs. And this sickness is contagious for up to two weeks.

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As you can see, airborne sicknesses are easily transferred from one person to another. So, how can you prevent these airborne diseases from getting into your home? The experts at Houston Admiral can help you, our technicians can help and ensure that your is air is filtrating properly. And make sure that your indoor air quality is good by running tests. We are here to help you keep your air clean in your home and help airborne sicknesses stay out of your home.