Go Admiral wants all of our customers to benefit from the best preventative maintenance in the

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greater Houston area. Our company offers a range of services and deals that not only get you what you when you need it but is also affordable at the same time.

Since the 90s, Go Admiral has provided Houston with a range of services for commercial and residential needs. Our primary goal is to ensure your equipment or machinery is running to the best of its abilities. We are not a company that relies on fate; we are here to try and prevent it the best way that we can.

The Bottom Line

It is one thing to be aware of what preventative maintenance is, but it is another thing to execute the program correctly. Without these three significant factors, preventive maintenance can be a waste of time.

  • Proper scheduling of inspections and lubrication sampling will determine the physical state of the system.
  • The lubrication, adjustments, and documentation of repairs that technicians identify during the inspection are essential to avoid unnecessary wear and potential failure of the machine.
  • Ensure that inspections and repairs happen only during scheduled shutdowns when all machines are safely turned off.

How to Successfully Carry Out Preventative Maintenance

When designing and executing a PM program, technicians must take a different approach to repair. Preventative maintenance starts with understanding your facility’s goals, setting performance standards for equipment, and recording preventive maintenance procedures and schedules. From there, companies need to transfer information to their maintenance management software.

Furthermore, it is never a good practice to delay maintenance for your systems. It is clear that there is a lot that goes into maintaining a company. However, putting maintenance off, especially when scheduled, is never good. Many companies end up failing at PM because they have not included a profit motive. Or they may not have kept a record of the savings that their PM generates.

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