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The History Of HVAC Systems

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The History Of HVAC Systems

The general idea of an indoor heating and cooling system was first thought of in the mid-1800s. Indoor heating and cooling have been present throughout history for thousands and thousands of years. Although, not in the way it is used now, there were many earlier inventions throughout time that aided in keeping rooms and buildings cool.

Early Solutions & Methods

The Egyptians were credited with hanging wet reeds in windows. By doing so, the air was naturally cooled through the moisture. Of course, this is far from the automatic and electrical systems we possess nowadays; however, it was among one of the earlier methods for keeping the home cool.

The 1800s

The idea for the systems we use nowadays was first thought of by the inventor Dr, John Gorrie. His first model of an HVAC unit was in the form of a system that controlled humidity through cooling coils. This took place during the 1800s. After securing a patent, John Gorrie went on to design an automatic humidity and temperature-controlled system.

The 1900s

It wasn’t until the early 1900s that the idea really took off. The St. Louis World Fair was held at Missouri State Building in 1904. During this event, a refrigeration system was used to regulate the temperature of the building. This was the first public building to feature a cooling system of some sort.

The idea for central heating and cooling eventually took off and was expanded to public theaters and other buildings. Private use of an HVAC system was still incredibly costly, some 20 years later. This is where the invention of a smaller system came from. H.H Schultz and J.Q Sherman created a unit of it in window sills for residential use. Due to this invention, the majority of homes had some form of central air condition by the 1960s.

The History Of HVAC Systems

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Present Day

HVAC Systems today are a lot more affordable due to the ever-growing world of technology. Although heating and cooling systems such as AC units are still widely popular, many homeowners and business owners are switching to HVACS due to their exceptional benefits. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient solution, there’s no better choice than an HVAC system.

Nowadays, HVACs are available for both commercial and residential use and provide many more benefits than they did when they were first invented. Contact Houston Admiral for more information about the benefits of owning an HVAC system.

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